Sore Knees? Exercise Alternatives

sore knee funnyDo you have sore knees? Some people MAY experience some INITIAL knee pain if you are new to exercise or if you have a history of sore knees. Guess what? Whether you exercise or not, at some point in your life you may experience sore knees. Quitting exercise should NOT be an option. You just have to learn to train around a little knee pain.

You also should understand what GOOD pain is and what BAD pain is. Generally, if you experience pain in your muscles, usually evenly on both sides of your body – this is acceptable pain and you can keep going. However, if you feel pain at any joint (knee, shoulder, wrist etc), and only on one side of your body – this is the time to STOP and assess what you’re doing.

Since you’re a rock star athlete that probably trains at home, you may feel like you’re stuck as to how to assess your form. Here’s a suggestion: get someone to take a 30 second video of you doing one of the below exercises and post it here:

I can assess your form and provide some pointers for you. This will benefit YOU and all our Challenge Workout Facebook readers.

Here are a few tips for you to help you with those sore knees:

Ensure you’re doing the correct lunge form or AVOID all together at first or until your knees are feeling better. Practice your lunge form at home in the mirror using this video:

You should also practice the squat in the mirror the same as the lunge:

*modify the depth of squat until the knees are 100% then gradually work into depth as long as it’s pain free

Here are the exercises you can swap out for lunges/squats if your knees are sore:

WALL SIT – strengthens the quads, easy on the knees:

GLUTE BRIDGE – Strengthens the hams strings/glutes, easy on the knees 🙂 :

RDL (Romanian deadlift) – Strengthens the hamstrings:

The KB swing is a great option for hitting your legs (butt/hamstrings) without aggravating the knees. You’ll raise your heart rate while you’re at it:

Finally, if your knees continue to bother you, I highly recommend my using my friend, Rick Kaselj’s Fix My Knee Pain solution. You can learn more about Rick and his at home techniques here. I’ve used his tips and have saved myself time, pain and money with simple exercises and stretches that have helped keep my knees healthy and pain free.

You can get more information about Rick’s program by visiting here.

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