be a better personLifestyle changes aren’t always easy, but it’s the consistent application of a little hard work every day, baby steps forward that take you miles in the long run. I’ve very proud of all my coaching clients, but especially proud of these ladies that are willing to share their story. In sharing, my hope is that they will inspire others to get off the bench and into the game.

A big thank you to each one.

Feel free to leave a comment of encouragement to Fran, Carina, Pam and Kate – they will appreciate it I’m sure.


The one tip that helped me make the most improvement to my overall fitness was to keep a close eye on your progress, to log it daily & really try to do better the next time working out. You see, I have always logged my workouts on My Fitness Pal, but I was really just going through the motions, occasionally I would pay attention & make some improvements, but for the most part I was content to just workout hard. Now, before I start I have a logged record of what I did the last time with the Work Out & I try to match it or do better….. Remembering of coarse 1st Degree & maintaining proper form, always. It is a very empowering to exercise & always try to do better. I like it a lot!

The group really helped me to stay accountable, especially with my struggle to stay on track with my nutrition. Just knowing I had to post my nutrition daily & make all my good & bad choices public helped me to make healthier choices. I tried to be brutally honest in my daily posts regarding my Workouts, my Motivation & particularly with my Nutrition. I was grateful for everyone’s comments & especially the recommendations given by the VIP Coaching Crew: they were most helpful, especially Suzie Salmon’s healthy choice postings for breakfast lunch, dinner & snacks.

My biggest accomplishment was seeing my fitness level sky rocket into the next stratosphere. When I started this challenge I could do 8 regular Push Ups, now I can knock off 16 of them on a STABILITY BALL, I could  do 14 Burpees, now I can knock off 8 of them with a PUSH UP, my Jump Rope skills were very limited…. I could never Jump Rope for 1 minute, now I can do multiple sets of Complex Exercises which include Jump Rope for a minute & I do the Jump Rope section NON STOP. My overall strength training has also improved, when I started I could Squat 50lbs, I can now do 90lbs, I could only Deadlift 50lbs, now I can do 100lbs, all while maintaining proper form.
I am very proud of these accomplishments, I have worked very hard at my improvement.

I would encourage anyone to join this VIP Challenge Club with Shawna Kaminski. Her Work Outs offered within the Challenge are killer. I had been working out to some of them prior to joining the VIP Group, so I was very familiar with her work out routines and I have even purchased more of her Work Out Library since joining. That’s how much I like them. The VIP Support Crew are very knowledgeable & most helpful. I found their feedback quite useful & I’ve put a lot of their recommendations into practice. I also simply love sharing my Weekly triumphs regarding all of the measurements Shawna wanted us to comment & track. I found it very Empowering being able to share this part of my life with other  people who are struggling, just like I am. I think I have finally figured out how to incorporate fabulous nutrition into my life…. (because I think I’ve already figured out the Work Outs & the Motivation Aspect of this Challenge).
I would certainly love the opportunity to close this chapter of my Fat Loss journey with the support of this team of like minded people. Three more months & I could figure it out for sure. I also think I have proven my commitment, I poFran before after April 2015 2 anonsted every day of the 3 months & I loved reading & sharing with all the participants. Fingers crossed.
My total weight lost was 6 LBS and my total inches lost were 12 inches.

My Fitness Tests Look Like This: # Of Reps Per Minute
February 28th                                                        April 14th
Push Up Regular  8 Reps                                     Push Up Regular 16 Reps
Modified 12 Reps                                                  Modified 8 Reps
Full Squats 25 Reps.                                             Full Squats 28 Reps
Wall Stick Ups 7LBS 17 Reps                               Assisted Pull Ups (machine) 16 Reps
Paused    8 Reps More
Burpees Regular 14 Reps.                                     Burpees With A Push Up 8 Reps
I’m pretty proud of these stats ….. Now I’m looking forward to doing Shawna’s Pull Up Challenge….I’m gonna figure out how to do them.
It was a pleasure spending the last 3 months together, I must say I enjoyed every minute of it.


What helped you the MOST during this process and how did the group help you overcome a struggle?
The ongoing support from the group helped me to overcome my sugar addiction and to stay on track because I would have had to post my failures I decided not to eat the wrong things. vip carina apr 15 anon

What was your biggest accomplishment?
I committed myself to stay on Track and to quit eating sugar and carbs. I thought I was already eating well but I did not realize that nutrition is 80% of the deal. I always thought that working out would count more. But it is only 10 % as I have learned from you.

Why would you encourage others to seek out this coaching?
For me it was very important that I was able to do my workout at home but to have someone holding my back and to have a group hold me accountable for what I do. The workouts are great and the changes of the them after 3 Weeks is also very helpful.

How much weight and how many inches did you lose?
I lost 4kg and 27cm




It’s been great being in the group even though I am not very vocal on the Facebook page.  I have really enjoyed reading everyone’s posts and seeing what they have been doing to keep up their health and fitness goals.  Please let me know when you decide to start another group, it really keeps me on track!

The most helpful part of the program are the daily reminders that healthy eating and some kind of movement is important in every aspect of life.  At the very fundamental level, it makes you feel better and everything progresses from that point.  I also like meeting people from all over the world who are also in the VIP group.Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 7.29.10 PM

My biggest struggle everyday is finding the time and motivation to work out.  It is best for me to do this first thing in the morning but I have a family of early risers for work, school, etc. and that disrupts my schedule as I need to get them off for their day. Nevertheless, the workouts are manageable and I can fit them into my schedule.

My biggest accomplishment has been keeping a healthy, clean diet.  It’s been baby steps but I have made the transition to where I only want to eat healthy foods and I’m not tempted by the sugary, processed foods that used to be attractive to me.  It’s taken awhile to get to this point, but I’ve done a lot of research and as they say “knowledge is power.”  Eating healthy keeps me feeling great and I know that eventually the extra weight will disappear if I keep up the good nutrition and exercise program. I make it a point to work out 4-5 days per week.

I would encourage others to seek out this coaching as we all need a little push at times and accountability.  This coaching does exactly that…it challenges you to eat healthy and to get moving!

During this session, I lost 11 pounds and 8 inches.  I will continue to “chip away” at the weight and inches using the principles I’ve learned from Shawna.  She inspired me to challenge myself on a daily basis.  Thank you Shawna.

Editor’s note: Pam lost 5 lbs and 5 inches in the previous coaching session. Proof positive that Pam has embraced a healthy lifestyle. Congratulations Pam 🙂


I found that the accountability and support from you and the group were the most helpful aspects of this program for keeping me on track and motivated to stick with the program. Team building at its finest.

The consistency of having to check in with you and the group helped me to get through the boredom and stress of my unemployment time. It gave me something constructive and positive to focus on.

My biggest accomplishment was developing good lifestyle habits and a long term desire to maintain my health and mobility. I also gained muscle and definition and improved my performance on a regularly basis because of the workout programming. I found daily life and my other activities, like trail running, became so much easier to do because of the workouts.

I would encourage others to seek out this coaching as Shawna provides excellent tough love 🙂 and it’s so much easier to stay on track when you know you have to report in to someone. Kate Fremlin Oct 2014-Apr 2015

I maintained my weight of 140-145 lbs throughout both 90 day terms because I gained some muscle, but my inches went down about 2-3 inches. I didn’t have huge changes in my numbers but I definitely saw improvements in my strength and performance. I also know that Shawna has given me the tools I need to go farther with my transformation in the future.

Shawna, thank you so much for being you! I love your programming 🙂 and your coaching was super helpful to me. If I’m ever I’m Calgary, I will definitely come to one of your bootcamps!


I’m so proud of  these four ladies for their hard work and for sharing. My hope is that by reading their transformation of body and lifestyle, you’ll be inspired to look at your own life and make some small changes. Please feel free to leave an encouraging comment 🙂

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