‘It All Adds Up’ Bodyweight Workout

Sometimes all you have is your bodyweight. Whether you’re traveling for business, on holidays or just stuck at home, no matter where you find yourself, a bodyweight workout will get you hot and sweaty in record time.

This workout is no exception. It’s called “It All Adds Up”. Now, you may look at it and see that there are KB swings in it so it’s not ‘truly’ bodyweight, but if you have no access to a KB, feel free to swap out squat jumps. The same with the jump rope, just do skaters instead. As for the pull up, if you have no where to hang from, feel free to add a stick up – this will work your upper back and you may as well do a wall sit to up the metabolic burn.
Do the following:

  • 10 pull ups (inverted rows or assisted pull ups or even wall sit stick ups)
  • 20 push ups (kneeling push ups or incline push ups)
  • 30 KB swings (squat jumps if you have no KB)
  • 40 sec plank (kneeling plank)
  • 100 jump ropes (phantom skips or 50 skaters per side with no jump rope)

Go for 20 minutes – try to get 4-5 rounds

Pull Ups or Assisted Pull Ups or Inverted Row

inverted row a b

pull up band asst'd a b

Wall Sit Stick Ups

wall sit stick up ab

Push Ups or Incline Push Ups

push up

KB Swings

KB swing a b c





Jump Rope

jump rope 2

Don’t discount the use of bodyweight exercises to get you sweaty and the results you want! Use ONLY your bodyweight anytime, anywhere to UP your fitness game.

No one has time for marathon workouts that cause increased levels of the fat storing hormone cortisol. Your workouts should be 30 minutes tops if you’re going at top intensity.

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