Yoga Bashing? You Decide…

I hate yoga. hate yoga

There, I said it.

If this offends you, well, I apologize but here’s the thing…

I may dislike yoga, but I realize that it has a very valuable purpose. And I’ve actually found a bit of a ‘work – around’ to get all the benefits of yoga, you’ll see it here and I’ll explain more in a bit…but first I need to vent about my yoga experiences…

For me, yoga sessions are LONG, you have to line up your mat ‘just so’, you’re expected to be QUIET for 75-90 minutes (I need to ask questions!), and quite honestly, the hot yoga sessions I’ve attended were NOT full of beautiful almost naked people.

This may really offend you, but in my mind, junior high gym shorts are NOT appropriate yoga wear – nobody wants to see those things hanging out (and I’m not even kidding).

My yoga sessions have been cut short by visions of things dangling that I never signed up to see. I find it hard to go to my happy place and feel all ‘zen’ when I’m constantly trying to avert my eyes. Maybe I just went to a few bad sessions….

So, when I found THIS, I was thrilled.

First of all it only takes 2 minutes – yes!

Secondly, it’s not really yoga – double yes!

Thirdly, it provides many of the BENEFITS of yoga – keep talking!

And lastly, studies have shown that when done after your regular workout session, it’s been PROVEN to burn 53% more calories.

Here’s proof:


– Her regular workout burned just 211 calories

– This NEW protocol helped her take that to 323 calories! Crazy, right?

She was able to see these dramatic boosts to her metabolism using the brand new ‘yoga like’ 2-minute routines I’ll show you below.



The guy who created this new protocol, went through the hassle of testing out the validity of his claims by investing $1,000’s in a study to prove 110% that these 2-minute routines do in fact increase your metabolism by up to 53% in your first session.

So… what’s so special about this protocol that makes it so effective?

I’ll just let the inventor of the new protocol tell you all about his 2-minute breakthrough routine that you can use to burn 53% more calories while increasing your core strength and boosting your flexibility by 7%, check it out…

=> How To Boost Your Metabolism By 53% In 2-Minutes

Here’s to the benefits of yoga, maybe I’m a yoga fan after all 😉

 Your thoughts?