Dedicated to Treadmill Lovers….

blow hornAs you may know, I’ve voiced my disdain for the treadmill long and loudly for quite some time and recently I’ve enjoyed eating a little crow 😉

It seems that the treadmill is NO different than my beloved burpee or jump rope for that matter when it’s used ‘properly’. And by ‘properly’, what I mean is, for you to do exercises OTHER than just forward running at a steady pace on the dang thing.

I decided to start to make some videos for you because I don’t think my treadmill ideas were catching on – I think I’ve conditioned you to be so ‘treadmill adverse’ that when you see the word, your mind switches off and you start doing burpees…right?

And to be completely honest, I’ll never replace my beloved burpee with the treadmill, but, believe it or not, there are SOME people that actually despise burpees (I know, crazy right?) and they LOVE the treadmill, so this is dedicated to them.

So if you secretly have a treadmill hiding in your basement, it’s time to dust it off…

Here’s a video where I explain a fun workout for the treadmill. BUT, if you don’t have a treadmill (like me), then just replace the treadmill set with jump rope or, you guessed it, a minute of burpees.

To recap, here’s the workout….

  • Do one minute of a forward run at a RPE of 7 (*RPE is your ‘rate of perceived exertion on a scale of 10)
  • Do 10 prisoner squats on the rails
  • Use the timer to time yourself doing 30 seconds of pulsing squats
  • Jump off the treadmill, do 10 decline push ups.
  • Repeat the pattern where by you’ll do the minute run, 9 prisoner squats, 30 sec pulsing squat, 9 decline push ups….all the way to 1 rep of each exercise (so the run and the pulsing squat set stays the same).

Got it?

That’s a cool one right?

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