Reverse Aging – Here’s How


How old are you? Wait, that’s a trick question because there are actually two types of aging.

One is your chronological age, which you’ll find on your birth certificate. The other is your biological age which is how old your CELLS are.

If you’ve done things right, these numbers can be completely different and you can look and feel years younger than your actual age…Sadly of course the converse is true as well.


If you want to defy your chronological age, then you’ll want to use these anti aging tips…they’re easy to do, cost you basically nothing and the return on your investment is immeasurable. Remember, I’m in my 50’s, and not to brag, but you’d never know it to see me here ====>



Start these anti aging tips NOW…


Tip #1 Move (Don’t panic – I’ll show you how)

If you sit still, your body will age faster. You were born to move.

Stop moving and you start dying. Cells atrophy, functional mobility is lost and aging and decay take over.

However, you need to avoid exercising TOO much. Doing too much of the wrong exercise is STRESSFUL for your body and it starts to age you pre-maturely too.

Just the right amount of movement will deliver anti-aging benefits and will take only about 20 minutes per day a few times a week. Anyone can find 20 minutes to reap the anti aging benefits this sort of exercise provides.

If you’ve been sitting down too long, or if you’re doing TOO much exercise, you’ll see just the right age appropriate movement here.

Tip #2 Eat This Not That

I have good news and bad news here. First the bad news…

Sad but true, the #1 food that ages you the MOST is sugar. You’ll also be surprised at all the places you’ll find sugar. It’s not just in the usual suspects (candy bars and soda), but you’ll find a ton of sugar in processed foods and other unexpected places.

Make it a habit of reading labels and try to keep your intake of sugar to less than 15 grams per serving of any given food.

Now the good news….You can stop the low fat craze and load up on healthy fats for an anti-aging boost. When you eat delicious, healthy fats like avocado, coconut and olive oil…you’re giving your cells the fuel they need to grow young.

You’ll find the right nutrition to help you feel energized and even drop a few pounds here.

Tip #3 It’s All in Your Mind

ageAge is JUST a number – stop thinking like an old person. Remember when you do things right, your chronological age can actually be fairly irrelevant when your cells think they’re much younger.

Age appropriate movement and correct eating, no matter if you’re 30, 40 or 50+ is really the fountain of youth. It’s working for me and I’ve been told I look 15 years younger.

You can too.


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