Burpee Fun (But Keep Your Pants ON!)

There have been a few occasions where it appears that I’ve gone the clothing optional route….

<===Like here TT human flag 2

When I got those peach colored tights I never thought it’d look like I was naked 😉






And yes, I’m actually wearing pants in this video….

I’ve started doing handstand burpees after one of my VIP coaching clients started going wild with burpee variations (thank you Kate!).

This is one of my favorite burpee variations and I always include them on a chest or shoulder day because they trash my triceps. My goal is to get 5 of them in a row without my feet touching the wall – I’m getting better, but I’m still a little chicken to do them in the middle of the room just yet 😉

Here’s a little routine that I’ll often do on a shoulder focused day:

  • DB lateral raises (10 reps)
  • DB shoulder press (8-10 reps)
  • 5 burpee handstands
  • 100 jump ropes (you’d be surprised at how jump rope rotations hit the shoulders when you’re fatigued!)
  • Repeat 3-5 times

That is super fun – and it’s always good to keep your pants on (and maybe even your shirt tucked in so you don’t flash your belly ;))

Another fun one I did was inspired by another favorite coaching client, Suzie. She did this workout with jumping rope between squat sets, but I chose to use burpees. You’ll see I added both variations below so you can pick your poison:

  • Squats n burpees1 burpee (or 10 jump ropes) ==>1 BB squat
  • 2 burpees (or 20 jump ropes) ==> BB 2 squats
  • 3 burpees (or 30 jump ropes) ==> 3 BB squats
  • Continue to 10 burpess (or 100 jump ropes) ==> 10 BB squats
  • Then go back down the ladder to finish with 1 burpee (or 10 jump ropes) ==>1 BB squat

This workout took me 20:48 and I used 95lbs. One of the hardest things with this style of metabolic resistance training is choosing the weight. You want to choose a weight that you can easily get 15-20 reps with. I’m on the road to recovery from a knee injury, so I went conservatively.  It’s best to err on the side of caution and keep the reps super clean. I added the push up with the burpee as well.

I love love love burpees when added to strength training – it adds so much intensity and can shorten your workout time (cuz seriously, who can do hours of burpees?)



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You’ll love the metabolic resistance training and burpee workouts. You’ll find lots of variation and videos to inspire your workouts.