5 Tips to Cure Plantar Fasciitis

What can you do about plantar fasciitis?

sore feetI love to jump rope but discovered that if I don’t wear proper foot wear, my feet rebell 😉 I did a ton of jump rope videos for this program  and paid the price. Plantar fasciitus is no fun and difficult to get rid of.


Thankfully I have a secret weapon where injury is concerned. Just like you, I don’t have time and would prefer not to have to go to physical therapy for rehab of injury if I can take care of it myself.

My good friend and ‘exercise for injury’ expert, Rick Kaselj gives 5 tips to help with plantar fascitis:

1. Work around the injury – don’t stop training!

2. Look at facsial stretches of the foot and not just the calf

3. Increase ankle mobility

4. Check your proper foot wear

5. Work on hamstring flexibility

If you want help with your plantar fascitis, check out Rick’s program here

All the best with your plantar faciitis – Rick helped me get over my plantar faciitis (boots and all!)