Metabolism Myths + Solution to Keep You Fired UP!

A faster metabolism is the holy grail of fat loss right?

If you have a faster metabolism, you’ll burn more calories with less effort and fit into your jeans much better in less time….win – win – win…

However, there’s conflicting info out there as to the best way to increase your metabolism, but one thing is for sure: you can’t go wrong by training as if your life depended on it (because it actually does).

Before I go into that, I want to dispel a few metabolism myths so you can stop wasting your precious time.

#1: Adding one pound of muscle will drastically increase your metabolism

Have you read that adding one pound of muscle, you can burn approximately 50 calories extra at rest every day? Well sadly, this isn’t totally true.

Muscle burns 6 calories/day at rest while fat only burns 2 (on average). So, while you won’t magically burn hundreds of extra calories by adding lean muscle to your body, it will certainly help. AND the bonus is that muscle is much more attractive and functional than hauling around fat.

And let’s be clear, it’s not easy to add even 5 lbs of lean muscle, so if your hope for a faster metabolism is to pack on the beef, this may be an unrealistic expectation.

More realistically, if you make simple dietary changes and exercise regularly with short and fiery workouts, you’re more likely to boost your metabolism and get fat loss results while maintaining your muscle or adding moderate amounts.

#2: This ‘Magic Bullet’ Will Speed Up Your Metabolism

Look, there is seriously NO magic bullet for fat loss. Don’t fall for anything that promises you that you can go to sleep and magically wake up beach or bikini ready.

There are a few supplements (like this one) that I’ve even suggested that will help if it’s used in conjunction with the right behaviors. If you’re doing all the right things like eating properly and exercising correctly. A magic pill on it’s own is like hoping for a magic bean stalk – pretty much a fairy tale.

If finances are super tight, focus on sweaty workouts and spend your hard earned dollars on quality nutrition.

#3: Nutrition NO-How


scale funny

Pick up any fitness magazine and you’ll see conflicting advice. Eat more, eat less, eat this, don’t eat that. My point is, if you listen to every so called ‘nutrition guru’ you’ll be paralyzed with indecision as to what you should be eating and you may be tempted to jump from one plan to another.

Honestly, many folks do what others tell them to do instead of listening to their own body and appetite. You may eat based on the time of day whether you’re hungry or not. You may jump on the latest diet fad and switch plans as often as you change your socks. No wonder your body gets confused and wants to hold onto every last ounce of fat. It goes into survival mode.

The best plan of attack is to go with a sensible nutrition plan that doesn’t have you starving or eating silly things like maple syrup and cayenne pepper for days. Ensure that you give yourself a 10 out of 10 rating for compliance to your plan for 30 consecutive days – if you haven’t achieved any results, then and only then should you switch your eating. You must give things a chance to happen because things may be shifting from the inside out.

Most times you KNOW more about nutrition than you let on…it’s the CONSISTENT application of simple nutrition principles that will get you results. Don’t befuddle yourself with the latest fad – listen to your body and your appetite. I like this simple plan best because it’s sensible and can be used long term for consistent weight loss, management and all day energy.

#4: Age does NOT Equal a SLOWER Metabolism

Stop the age excuse. Just stop.

You are led to believe that with the natural aging process comes a slower metabolism so you just have come to accept it. But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

What REALLY happens as you age is that you may start to lose precious muscle tone due to increased sedentary living. Consistent training keeps muscles firing, your body functioning and feeling good and it also helps keep your metabolism fired up.

  • Lose muscle and you lose the ability to burn calories as effectively.
  • Lose muscle and you lose your sexy shape and your ability to do easy tasks.
  • Lose muscle and you start to LOSE YOUR YOUTH.

You CAN reverse this seemingly inevitable decline with CONSISTENT training. You can defy the odds. If you include resistance training (this includes bodyweight training) you’ll see a slower decline in muscle tone and you won’t notice any weight fit club grp image

No matter your age, you’ll be able to speed up your metabolism with these tips and simply by keeping your training FRESH.

Take a look at this for fresh fitness =======>

BONUS TIP: Training is the fountain of youth and will keep those metabolic fires burning.

Look, if you’re making the effort to workout then you may as well get the best possible results in the shortest amount of time, right?

Or you can do what most people do which is to just go through the motions without burning any more fat, or losing inches, or getting stronger or more defined.

This is called ‘exercise adaptation’. It’s your enemy… and it’s where you DON’T want.

This is how ‘dreaded’ exercise adaptation is defined: Adaptation refers to your body’s physiological response to training. When you do new exercises or load your body in a different way, your body reacts by increasing it’s ability to cope with that new stress. It’s a good idea to change the frequency, intensity, time and type of exercise you do periodically to avoid plateaus and continue challenging your body.

Did you see that?

challenge and change







You need to CHALLENGE your body if you want to CHANGE it. And that’s why I developed the Challenge Fit Club.

It’s a scientific fact.

And it’s not just about making your self sweat more. There has to be structure to your program, otherwise you’re just wasting your time.

PhD Jim Stoppani says, ‘You must expose your body to a training style for just long enough to reap the benefits but avoid a nosedive of adaptation. He says, “everything works, but nothing works forever.”

Having a large arsenal of training methods to use for short periods and continually cycling them in a systematic order will prevent stagnation and maximize training adaptations. (Kraemer et al. 2003; Marx et al. 2001; Rhea & Alderman 2004; Willoughby 1993)

What if you had a progressive workout challenge every 21 days?

You’ll never be bored with your workouts again. boring1

Every 21 days you’ll get a new program delivered right to your inbox.

Each module will include a CHALLENGE to start off the 21 days. Your goal will be to IMPROVE on each specific challenge by the end of the module.

There’s nothing like having a specific goal and deadline to meet it.

Set a goal.

Meet the goal.

That’s the secret to my Challenge Fit Club.

This alone will help you bust through any training plateau you’re experiencing. Plus it crushes workout boredom and the monotony of the same old routine.

Check it out here.

PS. Here’s a sample workout from the Sprint Module:

Shuttle UP Sprint Challenge

Challenge: This is a timed set. As a challenge, decrease the rest between each of the sets the next time you try the workout. If necessary, increase the rest through out the workout as required.

Equipment: timer, dumb bell

Timing: Do 30 seconds of work

Set your time for various rest times between sets depending on your fitness level. You could try 20, 15 or 10 seconds rest between sets. Increase/decrease rest as needed.

Do 30 seconds of each exercise: sprints

  • Shuttle sprint
  • Goblet squats (or prisoner squats)
  • Lateral shuttle sprints
  • Push up shoulder touch
  • Shuttle sprint
  • Plank alternate leg lift (active recovery)

Repeat for 5 rounds

Can’t sprint? Training Variation:

  • Replace the shuttle sprint with burpees.
  • Replace the lateral shuttle sprints with skaters.

Get FOLLOW ALONG VIDEOS for all the workouts and a new plan every 21 days. You’ll love these cool modules:

1-Bodyweight Training
2-Jump Rope Training
3-MRT – Metabolic Resistance Training
4-Sprint Training
5-Trouble Spot Training
6- Suspension Training
7- KB Challenge

 Fire up YOUR metabolism and your training with the Challenge Fit Club.