My Favorite Things

It’s Valentine’s DayValentine-Date-.

Of course everyone always thinks of ‘love’ on this day and I’m the same.

The love that I’ll speak about is OBVIOUSLY going to be of the sweaty variety and a little different than the mushy sort of Hallmark cards.

Would you expect any different from me? I mean, think about it. What can you ALWAYS count on to be there for you with relentless intensity? Where the passion just never fades?

Well, burpees of course. Or complexes. Or metabolic resistance training. Or jump rope. Or the suspension trainer…You get the idea.

So in today’s article, I’d like to refer you to some of my favorite workouts.

Now you must understand that choosing a favorite workout is like asking me to pick my favorite child or family dog. I happen to love training, and many styles of it. It depends on a few factors as to what my favorite workout is on a particular day. For example, I have an ongoing issue with my knee, so a favorite workout on a sore knee day would be one that I can do without irritating it. Like this one for example which tends to not bother my knee much:

Of course everyone loves burpees!

This is a ‘RIST’ style workout, that means ‘reps in specific time’. The goal is to get 10 reps in every one minute.

Now you can follow along with me or you can do this on your own. If 10 reps is too many, set your sights on 5 or 7 what ever you can handle that’s a challenge.

To spice things up, I’ve added a different burpee variation for each of the 10 sets. You can do my variation, do your own or just do regular burpees. For this workout, I did NOT do the push up.

Here are the variations I did for each set:
1. regular burpee
2. double jump burpee
3. mountain climber burpee
4. frogger burpee
5. get up burpee
6. reverse lunge burpee
7. 3 jacks + a burpee
8. long jump burpee
9. skater burpee
10. push up shoulder touch burpee

You can get a ton of burpee workouts and over 50 burpee variations here.

I’m a big complexes fan. Here’s a good workout:

All you need is a barbell and 10-12 minutes.

Do this workout AMRAP style, or as many rounds as possible in 10-12 minutes:

5 high pull
5 front squat
5 push press
5 (per leg) incline spider crawl push ups

Your active recovery is the push up set. Pick up the bar and get after it right away, rest only when your form is falling apart.

Get a ton of barbell, dumb bell and kettle bell complexes with coaching videos here.

Here’s one of my favorite workouts that I do with a barbell:

This is a ‘down the rack’ workout that helps keep resistance and intensity high. It can be done with a few exercises like the squat, bench press, dead lift (actually any other move you choose). I like to keep these ‘Big 3’ compound moves as a staple in my workout regime.

Choose three loads that you can add to an Olympic bar (use smaller plates so that you can easily strip the bar). OR, this can be done with 3 sets of DB’s.

Do a set number of reps with the heaviest weight, (I’ll usually do 8-10 reps), take off 20-30 lbs, do another 8-10 reps and drop another 20-30 lbs for 8-10 reps.

Rest for 2 min and repeat this another 2-3 times. This is a fun challenge workout you can do and there’s no need to have a spot as you keep dropping the weight as you fatigue.

Now, if these workouts are a little too intense for you, then I have a few options for the ladies. Head over to my OTHER blog HERE and you’ll see two MORE less intense workout options there.  ========>



See what I mean about my love of workouts? There’s just SO much variety, there’s no chance that this love will ever get stale when there’s the endless ways to spice things up.

Check out for lots of my workout programs and fall in love today 🙂