Strengthen Your Core and Burn Belly Fat At Once

I always get asked what the BEST ab move is AND how can one can get rid of belly fat. abs

To me, these are sort of different questions: one is functional and one is aesthetic.

The BEST ab move to strengthen the core is anything plank related.

This strengthens the transverse abdominus muscle – there are actually 4 layers of muscles in your core (see here) ===>

As for getting rid of belly fat, that’s something a little different. While there are some studies to show that LOCAL thermogenesis (increase in temperature) will help spot reduce, the BEST way to both strengthen the core and reduce belly fat is to do metabolically expensive core related exercise, like in these workouts.

First, here are some tips for doing a plank:

Here’s a workout that will strengthen your core AND get you in a hot and sweaty mess with JUST your bodyweight:

Bodyweight workouts can’t be beat. Here’s one called ‘Planks for the Abs’

Here’s the timing:
45/10 advanced
30/10 intermediate
20/10 beginner

Do three rounds

squat jump (full body extension)
plank jack (plank)
side plank
side plank
plank with alt leg lift

What’s great about this workout is that there’s a definite emphasis on the core, but you’ll also boost your metabolism with the heart pounding squat jump and burpees (which also engage the core).

Win – win!

Strengthen the core and burn off belly fat at the same time…

If you love variety, you’ll love this Metabolic Bundle where you’ll get 18 core strengthening and belly fat burning workouts: 6 bodyweight , 6 burpee workouts and 6 Challenge Complexes. All these workouts come with videos to ensure that your form is right on.

metabolic bundle

Burn belly fat AND strengthen your core all at once with these calorically expensive but financially INEXPENSIVE video workouts 🙂

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