I Blame the Lettuce!

Winter is tough for a number of reasons…challenge workouts

Today I sit in my window seat that overlooks my snow covered back yard. While it’s quite beautiful to look at, if you venture out, it doesn’t ‘feel beautiful’ 😉

Sev and I feel a little cooped up – it’s currently -25C with the wind. Ug.

Now the good thing about Calgary is the weather changes on a dime so it could be prime dog walking weather in a day – I keep telling this to Sev, but he just looks at me, shakes his head and continues to chase my feet (we have an ongoing battle for my sheepskin slippers that he sleeps with).

Given the season, I’m quite frustrated with the quality of produce (or lack there of) that I’ve been able to buy. Organic or not, it’s sad and wilty when it comes to any sort of lettuce, spinach, kale – anything I try to get my hands on to create my signature dish – salad 😉 (I’m not a great cook, but I can make a mean salad).

(I fully realized my salad making talent when my Dad was here helping to renovate my kitchen. The poor man worked from morning till night and all I could ‘cook’ for dinner was a salad – it was like he was at ‘fat camp’, but he still raves about my salads.)








The key to awesome and satisfying salad making is to have fresh ingredients, ensure that you have a quality protein source involved and add different flavors and textures. I always include some kind of nut or seed, a fruit like sliced grapes or mandarin oranges and I top it off with a healthy balsamic dressing (2 parts olive oil, 1 part balsamic vinegar). There you have it, throw in all manner of fresh veggies and you’ll have a winner.

With the shortage of quality fresh veggies in my area due to winter, I still want the nutrition that my salads provide so I get a little insurance in the form of a ‘greens’ product.

The best one I’ve come across is ‘Athletic Greens‘.

What’s awesome about Athletic Greens is that is covers all of your micro-nutrient needs in one serving. Athletic Greens is sourced from plants, fruits, herbs and mushrooms in their natural form, it’s whole food sourced, in whole food ratios.

And it gets even better.

Each serving provides the antioxidant equivalent of between 10 – 12 servings of fruit and vegetables (ORAC 5000): A nutrient dense punch from real food, the way nature intended.

It also contains a plethora of digestive enzymes and probiotics (7 billion per serving) that helps me improve the absorption of micro-nutrients. It’s improved my digestion because it contains prebiotics and probiotics that all work together to improve gastrointestinal function.

Sadly, even when veggies are fresh, modern farming methods strip much of the nutrients out, which in turn makes you more prone to having a chronic deficiency of one or many nutrients.

The solution is in restoring the body’s basic levels of key micro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals, and co-factors) by eating nutrient dense whole foods.

Athletic Greens is packed full of micro-nutrients, Super Foods, and extracts designed to ensure that nutrient deficiencies never happen.

athletic greens jan promoThe result: much more energy, better immunity and recovery from workouts (and even weight loss).

To top it all off, it tastes pretty yummy when I throw it in my morning smoothie making it something that I really look forward to drinking to start my day.

If you want to fortify your body, health and immunity I strongly suggest checking out Athletic Greens.

Try it out yourself and let me know how it makes you feel and perform better. With their 60 day no questions asked, money back guarantee, it’s a simple no brainer.

And oh by the way, in January, you’ll get 50% off – a great way to get started on something that will improve your overall health.

Go here to try Athletic Greens.

This supplement will never completely replace my delish salads, but I’m guaranteed that I’ll get all the nutrients my body needs to perform better and stay lean.