I Almost Drowned…

Okay, so that may be a bit of an over statement…

But man, it felt like I was drowning.

If you’ve been reading my emails you may know that I took up a new challenge: surfing. surf fail

Recently I was out on a new beach in waves that were ‘over my head’ – literally and figuratively speaking. The friends I was surfing with described me as a ‘wet angry cat’. Up until that point, I surfed much milder waves with some success, but I jumped from 2-3 foot waves to 5-6 foot waves and my skills didn’t match.

There wasn’t the progression I needed to handle those bigger waves and I repeatedly got pummeled. Given that I’m as stubborn as they come, I kept trying until I was exhausted and beat up. Let’s just say it wasn’t my favorite surf session.

Have you ever felt this way about your training?

Maybe you’re just starting out but you jump right into a workout similar to those 5-6 foot waves, you end up sore beyond belief and possibly even hurt.

You have every reason to feel beaten and may not enjoy training like you should.

If this is you, or someone you know, I have a solution…

I’ve been talking about my good friend, Tyler Bramlett and his program called CT-50 this week. Now this program is FULL of videos that follow the natural progression necessary to SAFELY push yourself from workout to workout. He’s got five levels, 9 workouts and a challenge at every level (50 videos in all!).

Here’s a sample workout from the first level:


Perform 3 rounds as fast as you can with a 10-minute maximum time limit (10.00)

  • 20 touch jumps (squat jump with a touch down to the ground)
  • 10 Two arm presses (hold one DB horizontally with both hands to press)
  • 5 one leg shin taps (modified Romanian deadlift)
  • 5 one leg shin taps (other leg)
  • 10 two arm rows (hold one DB horizontally with both hands to do a bent over row)
  • 20 climber toe taps (modified mountain climber)

Here’s a sample workout from the fifth level:


Perform 4 rounds as fast as you can with a 12-minute maximum time limit (12.00)

  • 10 kipping pull ups
  • 20 jump lunges
  • 15 one arm snatches
  • 15 one arm snatches (other arm)
  • 40 sit outs

Now, you can see there’s quite a difference between these workouts. The cool thing is that Tyler has a solid progression that will take you from level 1 right through to level 5. He’ll even direct you as to what level you should start at based on a few simple tests.

Each workout is less than 20 minutes and he’ll coach you the entire time with the follow along videos.

Where your fitness is concerned, don’t get frustrated and be like the ‘wet angry cat’ I was surfing those waves.

Today is the last day to pick up CT-50 for only $19.

You can’t go wrong at this price, but it’s only up until midnight tonight so grab it now.

CT-50 Full System

I should probably tell you that on top of 50 progressive videos, you’ll also get these fast action bonuses:

The 5 Day Metabolism FIX – This is a 5 day system that shows you how to repair your damaged metabolism so you can start burning fat faster then you are genetically used to in only 5-days!

The CT-50 Progressive Warm-Up System – This is 5 different 7-minute warm up videos that take you from basic warm up exercises to advanced ones that will help you boost your flexibility, mobility and energy all while making you significantly less likely to get injured.

The (3 PHASE) Flat Belly Accelerator Diet And Fat Loss Tracker Journal – This is Tyler’s personal diet system laid out over 3 different levels making it easy for you to find the right diet for you whether you are a total beginner or an advanced dieter with only the last 10lbs to lose.

The Power Isometrics Manual – This manual will show you some basic Power Isometric routines you can use to add significant strength and muscle tone to your body all without getting sore or affecting the results you’re getting from your other workouts.

As you can see, this is a pretty crazy bonus package and it’s all yours today if you act fast…