Another Epic Fail – I Blame the Fish!

dinner adventureDinner is often an adventure at my house.

Recently when I asked the kids ‘what would you like for dinner?’ Hannah said, ‘Something healthy and edible, can you work within those limits?’

I was sure I nailed it with marinated steelhead trout, ceasar salad (and a garlic bun for Sam). Seriously, easy as pie right? (Well, I actually don’t know how to make pie…)

Turns out this dinner was another epic fail…

But this time, I BLAME the FISH! Though freshly purchased that day at the fish counter, it was really ‘fishy’ tasting.

Hannah was still willing to eat it, but only if I took a shot for every fishy bite (the kids know I’m not a big drinker and this would have been entertaining). I declined her challenge and offered her left over chicken instead. Although washing down the fishy fish with a shooter may have been a good option.

Sam, with the hollow leg and low standards where my cooking is concerned, thought it would be fun to play ‘Russian Roulette’ with the fish. He had a spittoon at the table and took his chances. He ate a good part of his fish and spat out, well, a lot of it too 😉eat more fish

Sam’s words: I’ve never been so scared to take a bite…

Lately I’ve taken the thrill outta dinner by cooking edible food. The kids were getting complacent. Every now and then, it’s good to shake it up, right? 😉

We had a lot of laughs at my expense, it was good fun, but as a mom, I know that this serving fishy fish is a kin to serving Fruit Loops for dinner: good fun but not a healthy choice. While fishy fish ‘may’ be healthier than Fruit Loops, I’m actually not sure, so to be safe, I probably shouldn’t make that a habit.

But again, I blame the fish!

If you can get your fish to co-operate, then this is a really good (and simple) recipe:

Salmon-Cakes (This recipe is a little easier because you can use canned salmon. It’s a great option when you realize you have nothing out for dinner.)

Confession: Once when I made these, something went wrong – it could be any number of things, don’t get me started – but it was definitely not the recipe’s fault. Sam graciously ate every bite even though we ended up with ‘scrambled fish’ (how can you not love a kid that eats all your epic fails?)

Clearly, I’m no Betty Crocker.

That’s where Flavia comes in. She’s my friend and sent me her Flavalious cookbook to test drive. Sam doesn’t need to know the name of the cook book, but he can attest to the fact that there have been less epic fails – thanks to Flavia.

Fellow non-cookers: if you’d like less epic fails in YOUR kitchen, if you’re tired of playing Russian Roulette with your dinner or refuse to bring a spittoon to the table, then you should give Flavia’s cookbook a try 😉

Then again, if you’re a seasoned vet in the kitchen, you’ll also appreciate the recipes that create impressively healthy meals with little effort.

Check out 150+ recipes that are designed to balance your hormones and help you drop fat and find your abs – oh and they’re very tasty too 🙂

PS. Flavia has offered a limited number of hard copies for purchase – FOR A FRACTION OF THE COST.

Obviously this is a NO brainer and will be a welcome addition to you cookbook library. Lovely photos and scrumptious recipes – count me in ==> CLICK HERE