Halloween Hangover

Halloween hangover?

C’mon now, be honest…how many of those mini chocolate bars did you sneak? Or what guilty pleasure fell down your throat?

My quest to avoid the Halloween Hangover was foiled when my brilliant plan to buy candy I didn’t like failed….turns out I like those stupid Jelly Tots and Swedish Berries as much as the dang mini Aero bars 😉

Actually, that was last year. This year, I spent Halloween on a plane to Florida. I flew to a quick weekend meeting with my fitness pals (like Mikey Whitfield and Kate Vidulich) and this saved me the sugar rush and crash.

I’ll be the first to admit that I fall down too. Every now and then it’s good for me to feel the crash of sugar and the resulting hangover as confirmation as to WHY I eat clean 90% of the time. Who wants to feel crappy like that?

sugar break upThank you sugar for making me feel like a warm turd bag, breaking up with you is made so much easier this way.

This is my perspective NOW, NOT as a newly ‘sugar single‘.

When sugar and I were hot and heavy, breaking up was MUCH harder.

Many of my VIP coaching clients are expressing frustration of headaches, low energy, loss of the will to live (okay, so not that dramatic!)…but you get the picture.

Sugar’s addictive nature can be as powerful as a drug. In fact, as you’ll learn in the video below, sugar works on part of the brain in the same way that cocaine does.

Breaking up with sugar is HARD TO DO.


Those nasty side effects of NO sugar are fleeting, only a few days. And living a (basically) sugar free lifestyle makes for much more energetic living and better body composition.

If you and sugar are ‘going steady’, it’s time to reconsider…sugar isn’t the sweet companion you thought it to be. The ravages of sugar are more serious than just having the potential to add a little flub. I couldn’t help but post this entertaining but sobering video from John Oliver about sugar. As well, read about Pam below and see how she BEAT sugar and her weight issues with THIS.

Pam realized that sugar was a problem for her.

At 5’1″ and 191 pounds, she was obese and it was clear that shedding pounds would make her healthier, more energetic, and so much happier.

Pam had tried everything… including perhaps one of the most dangerous weight loss methods EVER… gastric bypass surgery.

With this kind of surgery, you’ll become weak, tired and more than likely, you’ll gain most (if not all) of your weight back. It’s much like a fad diet. It’s a vicious roller coaster that can rob you of  your energy, your money and your hope for a healthy future.

Here’s where the story gets really tough.

After surgery and hitting her desired low of 130 pounds, her weight began to slowly but surely creep back up.  Then it got worse:  10 pounds became 20, then 40 lbs.

Finally she started this simple approach at 191 pounds.

Thankfully, the story gets better.

She had astonishingly steady success: losing 13 pounds and stripping off even more inches in the first 12 weeks.


Pam was just getting started.  She crushed her cravings, and as a result, she just placed 2nd in the over 40 category of the 20th TT Transformation Contest.

She’s lost 32 pounds and 36 inches off of her body
.  At age 51, she doesn’t look over 35 (another benefit of this simple approach), and that isn’t even the most amazing part of Pam’s triumph.

Finally everything changed: for good.  When you look at Pam’s pictures now, you’ll see proof that she’s turned around what could have been a true health disaster.

She’s glowing with health and optimism, and she loves eating without obsessing about when and what to eat.

You can have the same success as Pam and overcome your cravings and so much more.

You can do this in 3 days by getting started here.

Meeting your fat loss goals is so much easier when you feel in control of cravings, have direction and stop obsessing over food.

Get on top of your goals: look at this.