100 Burpee/Pull Up Ladder

Before I get to this fun workout, I want to tell you when it’s the  PERFECT time to do a workout like this is…

No, it’s not ‘when H*LL freezes over’ =====> Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 4.16.26 PM

It’s great to do a metabolically challenging workout BEFORE a treat meal. A workout like this will BOOST your metabolism so when your intake is a little higher than ‘normal’, your body will burn it up more effectively.

SIDE NOTE: Did I mention that it’s a GOOD thing to have a treat meal at least ONCE a week? {insert happy dance here 😉 }

When on a calorie restricted plan, an increase in calories from a ‘treat meal’ will boost the all important hormone LEPTIN which helps your body burn fat versus store it. Leptin levels can drop up to 50% after only 7 days of calorie restriction, so along with the mental break a treat meal provides, it actually works hormonally to help you drop fat…

So, you can go ahead and enjoy a treat meal GUILT FREE about every seven days.

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Here’s that workout….

Tell me, is there anything more challenging than burpees and pull ups? Well you could combine them 😉

This is a ‘fun’ way to get 100 burpees and 100 pull ups in a workout….

In set 1, you’ll start with basic ‘burpee/pull ups’. Then you’ll decrease the number of burpees and increase the number of pull ups. So you’ll do 8 reps of 1 burpee + 2 pull ups, then you’ll do 6 reps of 1 burpee + 3 pull ups and so on.

In set 2, you get to do less pull ups, but more burpees (yay!) as you reverse the ladder. You’ll start with 10 reps of everyone’s favorite burpee/pull up. Then you’ll do 8 reps of 1 pull up + 2 burpees, then 6 reps of 1 pull up + 3 burpees and so on.
Feel free to do only one side of the ladder (either set one or two), trust me, that’s a great workout in itself! If you decide to do both sets, this is what it looks like:

Set 1:
1 burpee + 1 pull up – 10 reps pull up a b *
1 burpee + 2 pull ups – 8 reps
1 burpee + 3 pull ups – 6 reps
1 burpee + 4 pull ups – 4 reps
1 burpee + 5 pull ups – 2 reps
TOTAL: 30 burpees + 70 pull ups
Set 2
1 pull up + 1 burpee – 10 reps

1 pull up + 2 burpees – 8 reps
1 pull up + 3 burpees – 6 reps
1 pull up + 4 burpees – 4 reps
1 pull up + 5 burpees – 2 reps
TOTAL: 30 pull ups + 70 burpees

*Rest as needed during this workout. Time this workout and beat your time next time you try (if you dare).

Now according to my maths – this adds up to 100 pull ups and 100 burpees, correct? (I dare you to post your time in the comment section!)

You can do jump pull ups or assisted pull ups with a band (although it will slow you down getting into the band for each rep). However you do your pull ups, make sure you make a note of it so you’ll compare ‘apples to apples’ next time you do the workout. You can do burpee walk outs, squat jumps or full body extensions instead of burpees when you get tired.

hanging leg raise with sevI just did this workout with the help of Sev. He seems to think it’s fun to chase my feet during the pull up and  jump on my head during the burpee. I’d say that may have slowed me down a little 😉


I did NOT do a push up this time I tried the workout. I’d say I didn’t really bust my butt to finish and I easily finished in less than 20 minutes (8:55 for set one and 9:01 for set 2 to be exact).

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Watching this ‘Follow-Along’ Video is the perfect way to spend just under an hour on a Sunday to prep for your busy week ahead.

Professional Chef Amy Soddart and Flavia Del Monte show you how to whip up 15 meals in just 50 minutes.