Best Warm Up Ever

It’s really important to prepare your body for your workout.  You need to warm your muscles in preparation for exertion and by doing so you’ll reduce the possibility of injury.  Always spend at least 3-5 minutes warming up.  Your warm-up exercises need to be dynamic in nature, avoid static stretching when your muscles are cold.  Try and work through full range of motion for all bodyparts.

Here’s the progression where you’ll do 5-10 reps of each and go through this series twice:

  • arm circles (both directions)
  • bodyweight squat (work into depth)
  • squat with overhead arm hold
  • prisoner position reverse lunge
  • walk out to spider crawl
  • SCREACH (Spiderman Climb with Reach)
  • modified push ups
  • walk in to jumping jacks or step jacks
  • squat jumps

A great warm-up deserves a great training program.

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