Bodyweight Cardio 500 Workout

treadmill laundry hangerWant a great 7 min AMRAP workout?

Don’t get me started on the uselessness of ‘cardio’ machines (the ‘dreadmill’ and the elliptical for example).

They’re brilliant for only one thing ==>

Let me tell you that you don’t need to spend your hard earned money on these contraptions that take up space and do nothing to help you meet your fitness and fat loss goals.

One of the BEST ‘machines’ to use to get fit is so obvious that many overlook it.

Curious? Well, I suppose the title of the post gave it away 😉

It’s just your own body weight, of course.  Machines and other gadgets are seriously over rated. I do lots of bodyweight exercises myself and with my fitness boot campers. You’ll also see lots of bodyweight exercises in my Challenge Workouts.

Now, to be fair, I also use resistance training in the form of dumb bells and bar bells,  but bodyweight training will ALWAYS be a staple in any program I use or advocate.

My good pal, Kate Vidulich has a fun workout for us here….

Accelerator 500 – AMRAP 7 minute time limit

Do as many rounds as possible in seven minutes, resting only as necessary. If your form gets sloppy, you must take a break.

Your goal is 2 rounds = 500 reps!

  • A) Squats x 50
  • B) Jump ropes x 50 (with the invisible jump rope)
  • C) Push ups x 25
  • D) Split shuffle x 50 (each leg)
  • E) Cross body mountain climbers x 25 (each side)
  • F) Jumping jacks x 50

If you’re short on time and equipment (which is unnecessary lots of the time anyway), then take a look at Kate’s Bodyweight Cardio 500.

It’s a NEW way of doing cardio that does double duty: you’ll build and tone muscles while burning fat.

kate bwcardio 500 image



And the best news: When you grab Kate’s workouts, Kate made a special bonus just for Challenge Workout readers ====>


 Kate will send ‘Bodyweight Cardio Challenges’ to EVERYONE that’s bought the program.