Sally Up Workout

Here’s a fun idea…

Listen to this song, it’s just over 3 minutes of quad burning fun.

Every time you hear ‘Bring Sally Down’ squat and hold until you hear ‘Bring Sally Up’.

You can see a sample of the workout here:

Let me know how your quads feel after that 😉

Try it first with just your body weight for set one and then add a load (with a barbell or dumb bells resting on the  shoulders) for your second time around.

Now, to finish off your legs, you’re going to want to really target your hamstrings and your bum.

I have two moves that you’re really going to love (hate)….

First of all, you’ll do the mother of all squats, the L squat and go directly to a reverse lunge, try not to touch your foot down in between each move, (but you may need to touch down as you get tired and your balance starts to go).

Do 5 reps per leg.

Then you’ll finish with a reverse lunge, followed by a jumping lunge with the same leg.

Do this 10 per leg.

Do two to three rounds of these two sets.

If you want to add a third round, do this:

Set your timer for 30 seconds work/10 seconds transition

  • Reverse lunge + lunge jump left
  • Reverse lunge + lunge jump right
  • Squat jump
  • 5 pulses and a squat jump
  • Skater
  • Front plank recovery 30 seconds
  • Repeat

These are fantastic moves that will tighten and tone your legs. Remember to start with doing them unloaded, then to add to the fun, use a barbell for the Sally song and use dumb bells for the L squat/reverse lunge. I never load anything that involves jumping, so the reverse lunge/lunge jump is done with just body weight.

When you train your legs, you can be assured that your entire physique will improve. A nice bum doesn’t come without a lot of sweat. Obviously proper nutrition plays a big part too, but you can really shape your tush with the right moves.

If you’re looking to train those trouble spots, including your legs, core and possibly some jiggly arms, you’ll want to look at this.