Best Workout Warm Up Ever

It’s the BEST way to boost work out performance AND avoid injury.

It’s not particularly sexy, but it works.

I recently got a request to share how I warm up, what I advocate for my fitness boot campers and suggest for my online clients.

Below you’ll see a sample of a warm up:

Here’s the progression where you’ll do 5-10 reps of each and go through this series twice:

  • arm circles (both directions)
  • bodyweight squat (work into depth)
  • squat with overhead arm hold
  • prisoner position reverse lunge
  • walk out to spider crawl
  • screech
  • modified push ups
  • walk in to jumping jacks or step jacks
  • squat jumps

Warming up is an essential part of your workout. It should only take 3-5 minutes, but it will help your workout performance tremendously.

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You’ll see:

And make sure you incorporate the warm up in the video into ANY of my workouts (or your own workout) to ensure that you avoid injury and improve your overall fitness performance.