Back Fat Workout Solution

Got back fat? Ug. sexy back funny

At one time I thought that ‘trouble spot’ training was useless. However, recent studies show that there’s a thermogenic effect from training specific body parts so that you can, in fact, make an impact on a troublesome area.

The BEST plan of attack is to pair up body part specific exercises with metabolically challenging exercise to get the most ‘bang for your buck’.

You can’t expect to simply do a single exercise like biceps curls, sit ups, donkey kicks or what have you to tighten and tone up an area without raising your metabolism to burn away fat.

Long story short: you CAN exercise the muscles in your trouble spot areas and get the results you long for, as long as you work really hard. Sweat and raising your metabolism are imperative.

Here’s a fun back fat blasting workout for you.

Set your timer for 30 seconds of work with a 10 second transition. Repeat this circuit three times through for just over 10 minutes of sweaty work.

  • wall sit stick up
  • DB row (weak side)
  • Db row (strong side)
  • squat jumps (full body extensions or squat jumps with shoe touch)
  • plank recovery

Now ladies in particular, if you find that your bum is YOUR trouble spot and needs some attention (because it’s NOT getting the type of attention you’d like 😉 ), then I have just the solution.andrea albright sept 2014

My friend, Andrea Albright has a program that focuses mostly on working the glutes.

Guess what? She’s found that if you have a great butt, the rest of your body more closely resembles your dream body.

Think about it. Have you ever met a woman with a nice bum who didn’t have an otherwise great physique?

I recommend that you take a look at Andrea’s program: My Bikini Butt.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 11.06.52 AMYou’ll find both demo and workout videos, along with a TON of content from nutrition to lifestyle changes that you need to make to easily help you make the most of YOUR body (and bum).

Now, Andrea has a particularly disturbing story as to how she became the fitness guru that she is. She has a video describing it all here.

If you don’t have time to listen to her story though (it’s actually quite compelling!), then just scroll down and you’ll learn all about her program and WHY it works.

Trouble spot training IS possible when you’re pairing the right exercises in the right combination.

Whether you have back fat or butt fat, doing specific exercises that target those muscles along with metabolically challenging ones will have you looking great from any angle.

Check Andrea’s program out here.