A Different Sort of Challenge

And if you’re up for a new sort of challenge, here was an entirely different one I did:

What a fantastically fun fundraising idea.

Even if no one ‘calls you out’, I highly recommend that you go here to make a donation.  Sadly, I’ve had ALS touch two people in my life, so making any donation, big or small, is money well spent as far as I’m concerned.

And now it’s time for some Q n A’s 🙂

Challenge workoutsQuestion: I’ve recently heard of something called neotame. What exactly is it?

Answer: Many of you will NOT have heard of this silent killer. It’s a relative to aspartame (nuff said!). It’s used as a table top sweetener and in processed food that are labelled ‘sugar free’.

It’s been linked to a number of health issues like diabetes, cancer, memory loss, fatigue, and more. It also wrecks havoc on any weight loss efforts. Find out some healthy alternatives in this article.

Go to this article and learn the 4 step label decoder solution to help you avoid ingredients like neotame in your food.


 Facts found on this page, when applied consistently could mean the difference between getting the body of your dreams and your physique staying the same.


Take a few minutes to read and learn here, it could save your health.



hungry sorry for what I saidQuestion: I’ve started to do some intervals which I’ve read are best for fat loss, so why am I starving now??

Answer: Intervals and cardio can spike your hunger.

In a study from the International Journal of Obesity, 35 overweight men and women exercised 5 times a week for 12 weeks. The results varied, but one subject even GAINED 4 pounds.

Scientists found that traditional cardio and interval training makes you hungry due to the signals your brain sends to your body.

In fact, the men and women both consumed, on average, an additional 1,876 calories per weekthat’s the equivalent of TEN donuts.

This is due to INCREASED exercise (workout time).

Now if you cut back on your intervals or cardio, you’ll decrease your cravings. But if you want to drop fat you may feel you still need to do a little SOMETHING, right?

So what choice do you have?

Try ‘Metabolic Stacking‘.

It’s been PROVEN to decrease your hunger and cravings.  Plus, they don’t require ANY equipment and you’ll hit hundreds of muscles, burning hundreds of calories. means you won’t need any expensive and boring cardio equipment either. Read more about it here.


Question: Is it really necessary to by organic produce? basket-of-vegetables

Answer: I understand how expense organic food can be. There are some things that you’re really better off buying pesticide free.

It’s scary to think that the FDA and most governments around the world APPROVE the use of different toxic chemicals in your food, water and even supplements. Instead of making sure the corporations NEVER leave any kind of toxic compound in their products, the FDA actually works WITH the companies in order to figure out the “safe amount” of poison that can be allowed on your fruits, veggies, cereals, milk, and anything you eat or drink.

Have you heard the term “GRAS”? It means ‘Generally Recognized As Safe’ This status gets slapped on some foods that still contain certain levels of toxic chemicals.

According to the FDA — it is perfectly “safe” to have the following toxic chemicals in your food,water and supplements:

– The average apple can contain 42 different pesticides, and 19 of those can potentially disrupt your hormones…

– 88% of the corn, 93% of the soy, 90% of the canola and 54% of the sugar produced in the US has been genetically modified — and the effect of GMOs on human health has been documented enough that dozens of countries want to ban them…

– Your tap water contains Atrazine, a dangerous herbicide banned by the European Union the exact same year it was re-approved in the US…

– Your protein powder can contain any amount of heavy metals, because the FDA doesn’t even test those.

So whether you like it or not, our environment is getting more and more toxic.

The ONLY way to fight back, demand better food, better water and cleaner supplements is to get educated on the subject.

That’s why you NEED to check out the new research that Anthony Alayon has done.  He exposes the truth about these ingredients and gives you the solution to help you get healthy and burn fat in less than 24 hours.

Check it out now (today it’s 60% off):

==> 101 Toxic Food Ingredients (get educated, get healthy)