Gym Rescue Workout “Revealed”

I needed a kick butt workout…

gym rescue 3

The stage was set (quite literally) and the failing sorority gym staff had to prove that they had what it takes to be a future success.

Trainer Delissa needed to learn how to train a large group of clients in a small space and short amount of time. I had the afternoon to teach her how to do it. And then she’d be on national TV delivering the workout that evening.

No pressure 😉

Actually, the training style I taught her was a no brainer, although too few know the secrets and magic behind this results-getting style.

It’s what all my Challenge Workouts are about.

No boring cardio.

No machines.

The workout was a magical concoction of a lot of sweat, full body exercises and incomplete recovery.

Here’s a workout that’s similar to the we did on the big reveal for the episode ‘Battle of the Sexes’ on Gym Rescue, Spike TV. I say that it’s ‘similar’ because filming was over a year ago and I can only remember the basics, a few exercises may have been slightly different, but it’s the same general style. You can easily do this in your living room since I’ve offered equipment alternatives:

Set your timer for 40 seconds of work with 10 seconds rest for 8 sets. Do each pair of exercises in each set for 4 rounds then go directly to the next round.

Set #1

glider hamstring curls (or glute bridge)  gym rescue promo 9

Set #2

reverse lunge bicep curl (or prisoner position arms)
squat jump

Set #3

suspension row (DB row, wall sit stick up)
skater lunge

Set #4

glider atomic push up (regular push up)
short shuttle run (stationary sprint)

Finish with a tabata-like finisher (20 seconds work/10 seconds rest) for 3 rounds:

  • burpee
    wall sit
    double jump burpee

This will give you around 30 minutes of heart pounding, muscle toning sweaty work.

Your welcome….Time to recover…

This was NOT covered in the Gym Rescue episode, but it’s a really important element of your training regime. It’s must follow your workout with healthy food to promote recovery.

But nowadays, even the word ‘healthy’ is confusing.

You’d be surprised at what manufacturers label ‘healthy’ in an effort to sell you their products.

Are you a label reader?

Even if you are, do you know what the labels mean? How ingredient lists are made, what ingredients are good and what ones are better and what foods you should totally avoid?

If you’re a little confused, don’t let all your hard sweaty workouts be wasted with poor nutrition. Go to this article and learn the 4 step label decoder solution and more…

 Facts found on this page, when applied consistently could mean the difference between getting the body of your dreams and your physique staying the same.

Take a few minutes to read and learn here, it could save your health.

Stay tuned for the third episode of Gym Rescue next Sunday on Spike TV. I don’t know the experts on the show this episode, but I get a kick out of how Randy Couture and Frank Shamrock deal with the fireworks and tears.