Reality Check (Thank You Sev)

gym-rescue-promo-4Thanks again for all the messages, texts and kind words regarding the whole ‘Gym Rescue’ episode that I was on this past Sunday.

I think Sev sensed that my head was getting too big with all the ‘kudos’, so instead of gushing over me and my new found celebrity status, on our morning off leash walk, he chose to reward me by rolling in sh*t.

Yes. That’s right.

Our walk turned into a spa day with the hose for him.

Thank you Sev for ‘keeping it real’. No worry that my head is gonna get too big with him around.

TV appearance or not, I’m a geek and not afraid to admit it.

My geekiness seems to have helped lots of people though, so I’m pretty cool with that. (I can help you here.)

Truth is, if I do the heavy lifting where fitness science is concerned, you can rely on me to provide you with the facts.

For example…

Researchers found that just 16.1% of older adults met strength training guidelines during tests. Of the 9 tests, 27.8% struggled with 5-9 of the tests, while 38.5% struggled with at least 1-4 test. This shows that a significant number of older adults need strength training to help improve overall health.

(Reference: Kraschnewski, et al. Is exercise used as medicine? Association of meeting strength training guidelines and functional limitations among older US adults. Prev Med. 2014 May 27;66C 1-5. doi: 10.1016/j.ymped.2014.05.012.)

There you have it. It’s not just kooky me telling you to resistance train as you age to improve your over all health…


Researchers wanted to see if eating slower had any effect on food consumption and energy intake. Results showed that eating slowly helps you eat less, while eating fast means you eat more calories. The obvious lesson then, is to slow down eating to lose more weight.

(Reference: E. Robinson, et al. A systematic review and meta-analysis examining the effect of eating rate on energy intake and hunger. Am J Clin Nutr 2014;100 123-151)

Seems like common sense, but it’s great to have a study to prove it.

And one last one….

Researchers wanted to compare stationary cycling intervals with bodyweight burpees. Eleven subjects (8 men and 3 women) completed four testing sessions for each protocol (with the appropriate rest days etc between bouts of exercise).
It turned out that a low-volume, high-intensity bout of repeated whole-body calisthenic exercise (burpees) induced cardiovascular responses that were not significantly different than the stationary cycling intervals that took twice as long.

These results suggest that in addition to the benefit of reduced time commitment, a high-intensity set of burpees elicits similar physiological adaptations and performance improvements to longer workouts.


tweak i love burpeesAll I can say is ‘Yay for Burpees!’ I knew I was onto something when I created that program.

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Oh ya, you can see some highlights of me in the show here: