How to Modify the Burpee

As you may (or may not) know, I’m a burpee lover. 

But, shocking as it may seem, not everyone shares my passion for the glorious burpee.

I’m SO in love with burpees, that I have have 77+ variations of burpees here.

But what if burpees are a little TOO much for you for starters?

Safety comes FIRST in every workout. And if you can’t do a specific exercise with perfect form, you need to substitute it.

In the manual, you’ll see lots of great ways to modify the burpee and work up to some of the more advanced burpee options. You can simply replace the burpee in any workout with the modified options. These are total body conditioning moves that target your abs without damaging your joints.

The first modification is the full body extension. It honestly doesn’t look like much, but when you do this powerfully and quickly, your heart could possibly explode 😉 Well, not quite, but it’s a great NON-IMPACT option for ANY burst exercise:

Another option is the inchworm walk out. These both are fantastic strengthening and conditioning exercises that will lead into a full on burpee. You’ll find more in the manual here.

push up - inchworm

Here’s a video you’ll enjoy and you’ll find a fantastic burpee workout in it:

Do 30 seconds of work with a 5 to 10 second rest in between each exercise. Do this entire set 3 to 5 times:

  • frogger burpee
  • prisoner reverse lunge
  • inchworm push up
  • double jump burpee
  • plank with alternate leg lift

Feel free use the modifications I described and also to take a 30 second break in between sets if necessary. Remember that maintaining great form for each exercise is your number one priority.

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