Q & A – Ageing, belly fat and hip surgery


Penny asked:  I have read your emails with great interest but also trepidation as I am not just over 40, I am actually over 70.  As a result, I have found many of your exercises would not only be very difficult for me, they might be downright dangerous for my physical condition.  Thus I have not signed up for your course.  Do you have a version for frailer, much older women like me?

Shawna answered:  Penny, I applaud your motivation for fitness! I actually have the perfect program for you.

It’s called ‘Functional Fitness’ and it’s written by doctors Dan Ritchie and Cody Sipes. I’m in the follow along videos. The purpose of the Functional Fitness program is to improve your balance, muscular function,  joint range of motion and how you move your body. It’s all about mobility.  They are not really weight loss focused.   While they may help you lose some weight, the purpose of these workouts is to improve your function and improve movement.

And don’t forget we’ll be releasing Female Fat Loss over 55 in the coming months – and parts of this program will address issues like falls prevention and balance with low impact, even chair assisted movements.  We’ve got you covered!


Lisa asked:     I was wondering if you could help me through a transition, I am 49 and  I have always been in good shape and loved to work out. But for the last year. I have been slacking off and felt burned out. I still keep in pretty good condition, but my intensity is not there. I go through the motions but now along with burn out I am going through pre-menopause , I will gain 5 pounds over night it seems.   I feel like it’s going to get the best of me between lack of intensity and hormones . I eat  clean and I’m trying to even eat cleaner now .

You have been through that hormonal thing … Is it normal for us not to to maintain that hard muscle ?  Did you go through a tough phase during that time .. It’s obvious that you maintain now, can you help?

Shawna answered:  Hi Lisa, I feel your pain. It’s frustrating to be doing what you can and watching as your body doesn’t quite respond as it once did.   Then again, you mentioned that your intensity hasn’t been what it was, so your body being ‘smooshy’ probably has more to do with a lack of intensity than with age.

Have you considered the 21 Day Challenge Diet plan? It comes with challenging workouts, but you probably already can challenge yourself physically (with my workouts, or with other workouts that you already have). It’s the accountability that you may need to get you out of your rut.

Folks on the private Facebook group are getting great results and it’s cool to see how others keep everyone on track with their goals.

I know you say that you ‘eat clean’ but just tightening the screws on your nutrition may push you back where you like to be.  I think clean eating and solid workouts do a lot to avoid or at least reduce some menopausal issues.  You know that there are no magic pills, sadly, but it’s hard work and consistent dedication that are the answer.


Sharon asked:  I’m 53 now and I’ve been training with Female Fat Loss over 40 and I love the workouts.  Thank you Shawna!  I had an injury a couple of years ago and it’s just getting worse.  My Doctor has suggested that I have serious hip surgery which should result in fixing the tear and joint damage.  Lunges and many other movements are now difficult and very painful.  I know that I need to prepare for the hip surgery so I can heal quickly and get back to your fun workouts. What do you advise?  I know I need to get stronger for this surgery.

Lisa answered:  We’re glad you love the program and were getting good results!  You need to be doing a lot of hip stability work before your surgery as well as solid core preparation.  We recommend the Functional Fitness program because this is a specialist program dealing with the stability needs of adults from 50-70+.  In fact anyone dealing with pelvic instability and balance will benefit from this program!  It’s physio designed so you’ll  be in really safe hands.  You need to carefully follow the coaching videos for correct form but Shawna will keep you safe. Please let us know how you cope with the surgery. We’ll look forward to having you back stronger than ever!


Send in your questions about fitness or training modifications by replying to this email.  We’re trying to get your questions answered as soon as possible so watch for our Q & A emails each Monday!