5 Things NOT to Do (Playground workout)

Sev and I needed to get the ants out of our pants.

sev playground wo 7

It’s a long weekend here in Canada and the traffic into the big box gym here in Kelowna was too much to bear, so we headed to the playground.

While playground workouts are fantastic, there are a few things you shouldn’t do:

1) Don’t go to the park at 11 am when it’s 40C (duh….)
2) Don’t do the monkey bars repeatedly at 40C (double duh…). My long standing and beloved callouses: ripped off 🙁


3) Don’t your push ups by the garbage can (How dumb am I?). It was the only shade that Sev and I found. He was laying in the bushes behind it and I was on the pavement in front. I just sort of held my breath…

4) Don’t ask a stranger to take pictures of you. A kind ‘dad’ took a picture while his 4 year old nearly fell off the monkey bars. Oops.

5) Don’t forget water. Such an elementary mistake.

playground woHere’s what I did, altho my hands fell apart around set 16 so I took Sev and my bloody hands home after that:

1 min/10 sec rest 20 sets

  • jump rope
  • pull ups/monkey bars
  • spider crawl
  • pull ups/monkey bars
  • push ups

*If you’re on your way to your first pull up, you can do hanging leg raises as a great option. Or you can go to the end of the monkey bars where you can touch something, jump up to the bar, then try to slowly lower yourself down. Another option would be to loop your (super strong) jump rope over a high bar and use it to row with (suspension trainer style 😉 ).

**Lifting gloves are recommended unless you want to make my mistake…

Jump rope workouts are doable anytime anywhere. If you want more, then head here.

Looks like I’ll be looking to do something now that doesn’t require hanging onto anything for a few days until these hands heal :/

Thankfully jumping rope is still an option 🙂