Kick your stress and your belly fat AWAY!


Here’s a fun workout from our buddy Dani Woodrum – kickboxing and fat loss expert.  Nothing beats a great kickboxing or boxing workout for smashing both stress AND calories!

Dani’s workouts are based on density training principles so that you’ll not only train efficiently with short, intense workouts under 30 minutes you’ll always be working to improve your “work rate”.  That means, you’ll not only increase your work capacity in less time, but also through strategic rep and rest schemes you’ll maximise caloric expenditure in a short amount of time.

Translation = improved fitness, more calories burned – more fat lost!

And you’ll love it because this kind of training is HEAPS OF FUN!

Here’s the workout for you try:

Reverse It Challenge:

• Jumping Jacks — 50 Reps (modify by stepping quickly rather than jumping)
• Front Kicks — 40 Reps (keep kicks low if you have knee or back issues)
• Mountain Climbers — 30 Reps per side (swap these for ali shuffles if necessary)
• Squat to Punch — 20 Reps
• Reverse Lunge to Knee — 10 alternating reps (you can always use a support if you’re concerned about balance)

Go through these 5 exercises without any rest. Once you’ve completed all 5 exercises, immediately move into the burpee/punch combo for 1 minute.

• Burpee/Punch Combo — 1 minute (swap burpees for Total Body Extensions or ali shuffles)

After completing the burpee/punch combo for 1 minute, immediately move into the same 5 exercises that you completed first, but this time doing them in the reverse order.

• Reverse Lunge to knee — 10 alternating reps
• Squat to punch — 20 reps
• Mountain Climbers — 30 reps per side
• Front Kicks — 40 reps
• Jumping Jacks — 50 reps

After completing these 5 exercises, rest 1-2 minutes and repeat once more (optional).

Note:  Ali shuffles are a simple movement suitable for anyone with knee problems or impact issues.  Keep heels low to the floor and shuffle feet front and back in a small scissor movement. Stay light on your feet and pump arms to and fro energetically.  Great cardio alternative!

You can use Dani’s Home Kickboxing Revolution workouts anywhere, anytime.  They’re:

  • Bodyweight – zero equipment required
  • Fun
  • All less than 30 minutes
  • Fun
  • Absolute calorie smashers- up to 13 calories a minute!
  • Fun
  • Amazing stress therapy

Pick up Dani Woodrum’s Home Kickboxing Revolution and get kicking towards your goals!