Adventure? Train for It


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This summer started with the luge. Here in Calgary, we have a luge and bobsled track that was used for the 1988 Olympics. It’s still a big training center for the sport. It sounded like it would be pretty daring.

Well, it was a bit of a ‘dare-fail’. We had a great time, but it was more like a seated downhill scooter. We raced the 8 year olds to the bottom of the hill 😉





Whitewater rafting proved to be a little more adventurous.

 white water start





And the Via Ferrata at Mt. Norquay was very adventurous:

 via sam 10








Now this was a natural high….

And so were surf lessons in Cali, and hiking in Kananaskis…here I’m ‘planking’ with ancient Indian pictographs in the back ground. This was for my ‘plank contest’ I’m doing with my fitness boot campers ==>2014-07-26 13.43.15

What are you doing for adventure this summer?

You GOTTA be out there doing stuff, that’s the WHOLE intention of all the sweaty workouts, right?

Sure, it’s great to improve your fitness level, fit into your jeans better and get all the other health benefits of training, but one of the BIGGEST benefits to me is being functionally fit so I can take on cool challenges confidently. As we age, declining balance and coordination are big issues so I want to maintain or even improve this over time.

I don’t want to spend hours training either. I want to get the MOST out of every workout. That’s why I have my jump rope with me when ever I train.

Jump rope is brilliant for:

Better endurance and stamina – Jumping rope is super efficient. Pick up a rope and start. There’s no way you can do it for an hour like you could a slow jog. Your intensity is through the roof, so no matter what you’re training for, there’s no need to spend a ton of time doing it.

Better footwork and balance – Jumping rope FORCES you to be more conscious and aware of your feet. The more tricks you do with the jump rope, the more conscious and coordinated you have to be. This coordination development easily leads to better balance to take on any challenge in life.

Better coordination and rhythm – The repetitive motion of jump rope builds coordination and rhythm. This quickly builds muscle memory, coordination, and technique.

Improved mental awareness – Jumping rope is a ‘thinking’ exercise. You can’t just ‘go through the motions’, especially when you add tricky steps. You’ll finish your workout more clear headed.

Improved ability to stay calm – Who doesn’t have stress in their life? Jumping rope is one of the greatest stress busters around.

PLUS Jumping rope is a 3x fat burning multiplier.

According to studies published in Residents Quarterly, just ten minutes of jumping rope is MORE effective then jogging for 30 minutes.

THREE TIMES more effective.

But even BETTER, using a jump rope has also been found to reduce tension and raise energy levels. Participants in experiments at Illinois University’s Physical Fitness Research Center were studied while skipping rope 5 days a week for a ten-week period.
The results? Greater leg and knee strength, better jumping ability, and faster running speed. The participants were also found to be more agile, more flexible, and their hearts were found to have become stronger.

However, here’s the BEST part…

Because of all the muscles involved in using a jump rope, you can burn a whopping 285 calories in only 15 minutes… all without unnecessary impact to your joints.


So that really has me jumping for joy.


=> Here are 41 innovative jump rope workouts

You’ll challenge yourself and get all of the health and fat-burning benefits from my Challenge Jump Rope workouts.

Here’s an example of one of the shorter workouts from the Combat Jump Rope Manual that burns 19 calories a minute.


Workout 1 – Warm It Up!

Set your timer for 30 seconds of work, 10 seconds transition for 8 sets:

  • Jump rope – single bounce – One jump every time the rope goes under your feet
  • Front plank
  • Jump rope – boxer – Jump single foot side to side
  • Side plank
  • Jump rope – bell  – Jump forward and back, double foot
  • Side plank
  • Jump rope – lateral hops + burpee – Jump 5 hops to one side, burpee, return to center, go to the other side, burpee.
  • Rest

Repeat up to 4 times

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And then consider doing some crazy adventurous things and feel free to share, I’d LOVE to hear what you’re up to. See the big comment box? Use it! 😉