BEST ‘Shape Your Butt’ Exercise

Guest Post

Best “Butt Shaping” Exercise Ever 

By Kate Vidulich

Many people consider their butt a problem area… go overboard relentlessly attack it every time they hit the gym.

But when it comes to shaping your glutes…

It’s not all about doing a gazillion squats and deadlifts.

With the right exercises, anyone can have a good-looking, firmly lifted butt, and fast.

Today I’ve got a super cool move that I personally created – and will do wonders for your behind!

While I have to admit that my favorite butt shaper is still the KettleBell swing, you can actually shape an amazing butt with only bodyweight moves.


This simple exercise called the Single Leg Walkout to Cursty Squat.

It’s a great move for the butt muscles, but it also works the entire core, the upper back, the shoulders and the arms.

Here’s a photo of how it works…









The main coaching cues are of the exercise are:

  • – Shoulders aligned with hands throughout
  • – Core engaged, spine lengthened & neutral
  • – Keep your planted leg knee slightly bent the entire time
  • – Squeeze glute and hinge at hip to return to standing
  • – Keep non-working leg off ground the entire time
  • – Do all reps on one side then switch legs

I love this exercise because it involves the entire body – while targeting your glutes. So not only is it awesome for shaping your glutes, it fires up your fat-burning metabolism.

Sexy results! 😉

Did you love that “evil” exercise?

Of course you did!

But there’s more! The list of awesome butt moves goes on and on…

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Let’s rock!

Kate Vidulich, BSc, ACSM, Master CTT