Basic Jump Rope Steps

Want to learn to jump rope?

You’ll get tangled up in the beginning, but if you keep at it, you’ll be a pro, impress all the 10 year olds on the block and get super fit 😉

Start with the basics. challenge jump rope

A double jump is the easiest way to start. The rope can be going slowly. Keep the arms close to your sides and use your wrists to rotate the rope over your head.

There’s no need to jump to the sky. Keep your jumps low to the ground. It’s more efficient and you’ll be pleased to know that by keeping your jumps low, it’s easier on your joints as well.

You’ll see some simple progressions in the video:

  • single bounce
  • double bounce each foot
  • side swing
  • skier
  • butt kick

The key is to just keep practicing. Everyone misses the rope, but you’ll never get better if you don’t try. I have LOTS more variations for you…

You can use any of these jump rope skills (and find more advanced ones) in my Challenge Jump Rope program.


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Jumping rope is the BEST alternative for fun fat loss boosting workouts.