Get Outta Dodge (Quickie Workout)

Want a quickie?



<====NO! Not that kind!

A different kind of quickie entirely!

This blog is about training! What were you thinking??

Let’s talk quick workouts…

Your workout should enhance your life not BE your life. I love to workout, but I love to do other things too, that’s why this 20 min workout is perfect to do so that you can get in a great full body workout and still do the other things you love.

Now, before I go any further, I need to give a shout out to one of my favorite clients, Suzie for telling me about the 2 push ups + bench jump and the burpee tuck combo…it was really her inspiration behind this workout. Suzie is the best client/trainer in training ever.

Set your timer for 40 seconds of work with a 10 second rest/transition. You’ll do 3 rounds of these six exercises (rest as needed between rounds):

KB swing (no KB? do squat jumps)
2 push ups + bench jump
pull up leg raise (no pull up bar? do prisoner squats)
burpee tuck jump
jump rope

If you love the burpees in this workout, and who wouldn’t? Then you’ll love all the burpee variations here:

big book of beautiful burpee graphic

You’ll get it when you grab my Challenge Burpee program.

According to the chairman of the department of kinesiology at McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario, when asked his opinion on the single best exercise, he suggested the burpee because it “It builds muscles AND it builds endurance.”

It’s a 3 for 1 exercise that only takes 3 seconds to perform. You’ll hit the upper body, lower body, core and cardiovascular system all within that 3-second window. tweak i love burpees

It really doesn’t get any more efficient than that. And, oh by the way, the fact that you need NO equipment and can do burpees pretty much ANY where are added bonuses.

Get your burpee on and get your workout done so you can do other things you love 😉