Do Something Scary…


Do something that scares you.

I’m headed to Canmore later today and I’ll be doing a Via Ferrata climb in Banff tomorrow with a few friends. Here’s one element ===>

Now, I’m not afraid of heights – I can safely say from the comfort of my kitchen table at the moment, but I guess I’ll test that statement tomorrow 😉


Looking at the pictures of where we’ll be headed will definitely push me out of my comfort zone and you know that’s where the fun begins.

Via Ferrata means ‘The Iron Road’ where we’ll be climbing these vertical cliffs.

It seems that I’ve set a good example for my kids. My traveling daughter is currently in Thailand and just finished hiking Mount Rinjani. It’s apparently rated as a tougher climb than Everest even though it’s only 9 km. It was made all the tougher since she lost a toenail in an unfortunate patio chair dropping incident. Her last message was that the hike was HELL-ish painful, beautiful and she’s so happy she can say she did it.

(Okay, so I’m just a little proud of that 100 lb girl, although I miss her tremendously.)

Anyways, that’s where the magic is…just on the out side of your comfort zone.

What are YOU doing to get outside YOUR comfort zone?

For me, I feel like I can take on the Via Ferrata climb, or anything when I have confidence in my body. That’s why I take my fitness so seriously.

Being fit makes ALL the difference.

If you have NO time for fitness, join the club. Lack of time is the #1 objection to getting fit, but a lame excuse.

Do you  have 8 minutes? If so, you have time to get in top notch shape. In fact, the two routines below were used to help Marines get in top notch shape:

DESCRIPTION: Set a countdown timer for 8 Minutes and do as many rounds of the following 3 exercises as possible. Rest as little as possible.

  • 10 Sit outs Each Side (Or mountain climbers if sit outs are too hard)
  • 10 hanging leg raises (Or lying leg raises if you have no pull up bar or these are too tough)
  • 10 plank up downs (these are what I call ‘get ups’ or ‘high plank to low plank’ and you can do them on your knees if the full plank from the toes is too tough

Total Body Turbine!
DESCRIPTION: Set A Timer For 8 Minutes And Perform 1 Rep On The First Round, 2 On The Second, 3 On The Third And So On on the following exercises. See how high of reps you can get to in the 8 minute time limit.

  • Burpees
  • Pushups
  • Jump Squats

These workouts are from my friend, Jason Klein’s Marine Body.

Today is the last day to pick up his FULL FOLLOW ALONG VIDEOS for only $17.

It’s a real steal.

These workouts will prepare you to do something scary like the Via Ferrata or whatever else scares the living daylights out of you 😉

Grab his workouts before midnight tonight. Save $$, follow Jason, use your bodyweight and 8 minutes to get a body that will take you on adventures that you never thought possible.


I’ll check in with pictures of my adventure soon…