Can I Eat a Big Dinner and Lose Weight?

It goes against everything you’ve been taught about dieting.the diet cycle

In fact I hate the whole concept of ‘dieting’.

If you’ve read anything I’ve ever written, including information about my own program, called ‘The 21 Day Challenge Diet‘ you’ll know that I’m not a big fan of diets in general or of just eating a ‘big dinner’.


Here’s the thing…

If you wake up every day with good intentions to eat well, you stay on the wagon all day long and then you BLOW IT every night, then no matter what you do, you’re diet is likely to fail.

Studies show that ANY chronic stress increases the release of cortisol. (This is the nasty hormone that tells your belly to hold onto it’s fat.) So if you’re stressing over your diet, you’re already digging yourself out of a perpetual hole in the first place.

What will you do?

Just stay fat? And feel like a failure?


Why not work WITH your body, your natural rhythms and find a solution that works for you? (This is an option.)

Why not use a plan that ALLOWS you to eat more at night when you’re a little hungrier?eating at fridge

First of all, you’ll feel less stress and that constant feeling of failure when you eat the kitchen sink after you know you’re not supposed to.

Look, the BEST diet is the one YOU can stick to. There’s no ONE size fits all plan.

My friend, Dani Woodrum created a plan called ‘The Big Dinner Diet’ where you’ll eat a small sensible breakfast and lunch, and you’ll eat a bigger dinner.

The catch is, you’ll eat delicious healthy foods and you’ll even have a bedtime snack on top of a big dinner.

Now Dani is honest as the day is long. When you read about The Big Dinner Diet you’ll see the honest to goodness results of folks who used the plan.

Are the results of his plan ‘dramatic’? Honestly, not so much.

But are they realistic? ABSOLUTELY. These people got to eat a big dinner! They used the meal plans and menus Dani provided and their weight loss was EFFORTLESS to them because they were doing what felt natural to them. They never felt like they were on a diet.

Take a look at the menu for a sample day: (enable images)

You’ll get 6 weeks of ‘done for you’ meal plans, menus and recipes; these ‘go to’ recipes will make you even wonder if you’re on a ‘diet’.

Is this diet for everyone? No.

Will you lose weight on it? YES. Especially if you naturally want to eat more at night.

There are many ways to be successful at weight loss. Along with success stories, these menus are backed by scientific proof that supports it as a healthy option.

over eatingThere’s never been this sort of healthy option for late night eaters before. If you prefer to eat more at night, what do you have to lose?

You have a 100% money back guarantee to look at the program, test drive it and if you’re unsatisfied, then you can just get a refund….but I know that once you see the plan, you’ll see the value.

I’m not a big dinner eater, but I LOVE the recipes and for that reason alone, it’s well worth it to have them in my typically ‘epic fail’ kitchen.

Thankfully the recipes seem ‘epic fail-proof’ they’re so simple.

Take a look here and see what you think.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, make a comment below 😉