#1 Cardio for Fat Loss

Guest Post

NEW and Improved Cardio

Mike Whitfield, Master CTT

What are you currently suffering through to trying to bust through a weight loss plateau?

Are you using any of these?…

  1. Treadmill or Running/Walking
  2. Stationary Bike
  3. Elliptical

If you’re not seeing results, it’s NOT your fault.

Did you know that the latest research is showing that you could actually GAIN belly fat using ANY of these exercises?

It sounds hard to believe, but using ANY of these have been proven to:

–       Release a hormone called “Cortisol”, which encourages your body to store fat

–       Boost weight GAIN


These exercises ALL increase your appetite … making you eat up to 268 ADDITIONAL calories EVERY single day.

A recent study from the International Journal of Obesity had 35 overweight men and women exercise 5 times per week for 12 weeks.

That’s a lot of exercise, right?

The results varied, but the worst subject actually GAINED 3.74 pounds!

The scientists think they know where things went sour.

They classified the subjects into two groups called the “Compensators” and the “Non-Compensators”.

The Compensators were hungrier, and as a result, consumed an extra 268 calories on average per day, wiping out their exercise efforts.

Reference: International Journal of Obesity 32: 177-184, 2008).

Fortunately, there is a faster and scientifically proven method you can use instead.

It only takes as little as 4 minutes, and it’s been PROVEN to be MORE effective to lose fat than 30 minutes of cardio.

No, it’s not interval training, either.

All you have to do is follow this done-for-you sequence below.

You’ll avoid releasing fat-gaining hormones PLUS…

… you’ll DECREASE your appetite.

You’ll not only burn fat during the 4 minutes, but your body burns fat for HOURS after you’re done.

Oh, and get this… you’ll do it with ZERO equipment.

Here’s how it works…

Step 1 – Choose a No-Equipment Lower Body Exercise

This can be a bodyweight squat, any variety of lunge and more. If you can’t decide, let’s go with the traditional bodyweight squat.

Step 2 – Choose a No-Equipment Pushing Exercise

This can be any variety of Pushups based on your fitness level. I suggest the Close-Grip Pushups here because you’ll love the way this exercise defines the back of your arms.

Step 3 – Choose an Active Recovery Exercise

This is the real key to making this 4-minute trick work. This is when you use an “easier” exercise, but still keeping your heart rate up.

You would make a great choice with the Alternating Bodyweight Chop here. This is when you keep your arms extended and “Chop” across your body from your left shoulder to your right knee and then switch sides.  Keep those abs braced hard! Here’s a photo:

Alright now that you have your exercises…

You will use a simple formula to put all of these exercises together.

You’ll get 30-minute results in as little as 4 minutes (and no more than 9 minutes!)…

It’s very flexible and the best part is that you can do this in your pajamas in the morning when you get up or even at night before you go to bed.

Here’s the formula:

Density + Strategic Rest Periods + High Volume + Active Recovery

The best way to describe this is “Metabolic Stacking” because you’re stacking the 4 BEST ways to boost your metabolism in ONE short burst of exercise.

So, here’s how you’ll do this “Finisher” that can be plugged into your normal routine either immediately after your workout or even later in the day.

Do the following circuit as many times as possible in 4 minutes.

Strategic Rest Periods – Rest when your form gets bad after a complete circuit. If you feel you can’t complete a full circuit with perfect form, continue resting.

  • Bodyweight Squat (4)
  • Close-Grip Pushups (4)
  • Alternating Bodyweight Chop (8/side)

WARNING – This looks “easy” because of the rep scheme, but that’s the beauty of a finisher.

Density circuits aren’t the only way to use this formula, either.

You can use gauntlets, ladders, challenges and more with SPECIFIC rest periods….

… with ZERO equipment.

Plus, when doing them 3-4 times a week, you can lose 3-5 pounds in the next 7 days, because of the unique demand on your body. The recovery alone burns hundreds of calories.

Discover how you can use finishers with ANY routine here