Partner Workout

My house is ‘the place’ if you’re a canine. sev and samson

I often find myself dog sitting.

I recently had Samson, the English bulldog for a week. I had a bulldog growing up and I forgot how ‘special’ this breed is ===>

As it turned out, Sev and Samson were not  BFF’s. Samson was a ‘romantic’ and just didn’t want to take no for an answer. These two had a few days of ‘learning to get along’. It was good times keeping an eye on them.

Then there’s Libby.

This is my son, Sam’s dog. Sev and Libby are the best of friends. Sam brings her over to play often. They’re an odd couple. This is the two of them after two hours of playing, they’ve slowed down considerably, talk about a workout!

sev and bobbieOn another occasion it was Bobbie that stayed for a week. These two are another odd couple, Bobbie is like a little old lady who keeps Sev in line.

Dogs do ‘burst’ training so to speak. They go crazy playing and then fall in a heap of exhaustion.

I’m a sucker for a four legged creature.

I’m sure I’ll forever have a house full of fur. A housekeeping nightmare, but you really can’t put a price on the love.

Now, as much as I see the value in the kind of ‘training partner’ that Sev enjoys, I tend to train alone, but on occasion, I get the chance to train with one of my kids.

Hannah and I did these workouts, one bodyweight and one with DB’s.

You can grab a partner cuz it’s more fun to this workout together (or you can just do by yourself).

You’ll see that Sev and Bobbi make cameo appearances and a total mess of the videos. Pay no attention to the canines, but definitely pay attention to the workouts 😉

Here’s the workout: Set your timer for 30 seconds of workout and 5-8 seconds transition.

Here are the exercises:

  • push ups
  • jump rope
  • pull ups
  • burpees
  • prisoner squats
  • squat jumps
  • plank recovery

Repeat this circuit for 3-5 rounds


You can add DB’s to this workout:

Set your timer for 30 seconds of workout and 5-8 seconds transition.

  • DB chest press
  • jump rope
  • bent over rows
  • burpees
  • DB front squat
  • squat jump or full body extension
  • plank

Repeat this circuit for 3-5 rounds

challenge Jump rope grpIf you like these workouts, you’ll love my Challenge Jump Rope and Challenge Burpee workouts.

Now, not to disappoint, these programs don’t have the lovable canine training partners, but they’re intense and short enough that you’ll have plenty of time to spend with your favorite canine 😉



You’ll find workouts that are: burpee prod grp

  • short and intense
  • can be used as a full program or on a day off
  • include coaching videos for each one
  • are a ton of fun