Is this fruit the Fountain of Youth?

From Lisa Bullock

Here’s my tribute to that king (or Queen) of fruits – The Avocado!

Avocado is made up predominantly of fat.  But because this is 2014 and we know that fat is NOT the enemy, especially healthy fats like this, this is a GOOD thing!  Most of the fat is monounsaturated in the form of oleic acid, and this type of fat is fabulous for reducing “bad cholesterol” and lowering risks of heart disease and stroke among other diseases.

Avocados are higher in protein than most other fruits, high in fibre (nearly half the recommended daily intake) and higher in potassium than even bananas.  They’re also rich in Vitamins K, B complex and E.

Avocado also contains almost 3 times more lutein than other fruits and veggies – (lutein is the carotenoid or pigment that gives veggies and fruits their colour, usually red or yellow) which means multiple benefits for reducing the risk of diseases like cancer, diabetes, macular degeneration and promoting weight loss.

Because of their thick skin they’re less likely to affected by pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

And to continue your love affair with this not-so-humble fruit try mashing some avocado and mixing with a little milk to create an amazing, natural facial!  Rich in essential fatty acids which help moisturize the skin, keeping it soft and smooth, you can use avocado both internally and topically!   Watch your wrinkles start to fade and your skin become clearer and healthier!

Avocado oil which is extracted from the fruit can be used for skin care products such as sunscreen lotions, cleansing creams, and moisturizers, or for hair conditioners and makeup bases.

Now all of that sounds great – but what about the taste?


Let’s ask Homer –  “Mmmmmm, avocados” – yes, tick of approval!  Their creamy, buttery texture can be enjoyed with practically ANY salad – try adding a quarter of an avocado to your smoothie for extra creamy, richness without any taste (for the few people who don’t enjoy avocados but want the benefits);  how about ¼ of an avo (yep, I’m an Aussie so I’m going to abbreviate it!) with your eggs in the morning?  Avocado oil can be used in cooking, in dressings and marinades as well. You can grill, BBQ, roast, mash, blend and bake avocados in dozens of delicious recipes.

And for the sweet tooths (sweet-teeth????)  among you – let’s make this heavenly fruit even more divine by adding some chocolate!

Diana Keulian’s Chocolate Lovers Pudding


  • 3 avocados
  • ¼ cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • dash of salt
  • ½ cup raw honey
  • 1 ounce 72% cocoa dark chocolate, finely grated

Instructions:  Place avocado flesh, coca powder, salt and raw honey into food processor. Blend until smooth.  Serve immediately and top with grated chocolate.

Nutrition:  Calories: 256   Fat: 15g   Carbs: 34g   Sodium: 41mg   Fibre: 8g   Protein:  3g

(You can find more yummy recipes from Diana HERE).

If for some reason you haven’t tried avocados before – get yourself to the supermarket today and enjoy the taste and all the many benefits of this delicious fruit!  If it isn’t actually the fountain of youth – it SHOULD be!