Anyone can do these “sprints”!

When you combine the power of sprints and bodyweight exercises you can absolutely SMASH  the calories.

Sprinting is in fact the number one BEST WAY to burn fat.  On the planet. Period!

Now before you turn up your nose and say “I hate running!” and to my way of thinking – that’s natural.  I hate running too!  BUT, the difference here is the intervals – short, sharp bursts of effort mixed with metabolically challenging bodyweight exercises.  And there are alternatives to the sprints too – raining and can’t sprint outdoors?  Fine!  Dodgy knees and need to restrict impact?  Fine!

Here’s Mikey Whitfield to explain how you can modify his brand new Sprint Conditioning System to get the best fat burning results without injury!

You know we love interval training and the science backs us up! A study from the American College of Sports Medicine put people into two groups:

Group 1: 20 minutes of short “bursts” of very high intensity (8 secs followed by 12 secs of recovery)

Group 2: 20 minutes of longer intervals (24 secs followed by 36 secs of recovery).

Here’s what they found – Group 1, where the shorter more intense “burst” training was used, resulted in greater oxygen uptake and greater energy expenditure than the 24-second intervals!

Greater oxygen uptake and energy expenditure means more fat cells being released from the body. 

So, some great “burst” alternatives for sprints that ANYONE can do:

1.  Run in Place

2. Split Shuffles

3. Jumping jacks

4. Total Body Extensions

These alternatives should be done under control.  You’re not just looking to replace the sprint, you’re looking to replace the INTENSITY!

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