75lb Walrus and Your Workout


Have you ever had a 75 lb snorting walrus in your home?

Well, we have one as house guest for a few days.


Sev is pretty much giving me the one eye as if to say, ‘what the heck?’This is Samson and he’s not what you’d call a ‘high energy’ sorta guy.

He is a champion ‘humper’ and is a good farter too. (Hey, we all have different talents.)

He’s just not the usual sorta friend that Sev would choose to play with. I guess it’s a lesson in getting along with others…

You probably think I’m crazy, but I’m actually going to tie in this dog story with fitness, just watch  😉

As you can see, these guys have pretty different body types.

Samson (the bulldog) is pretty portly and Sev well, is a little on the long and lean side. When I take them out to play, even though Samson isn’t the fastest dog in the park, he really loves short burst chases. He’s actually very spry and healthy for a 9 year old bulldog. His endurance is a little less even though he gets lots of exercise with several walks a day and it’s kept him young at heart.

Sev, on the other hand has more energy than brains at times, he’s younger and can walk at a slow pace or chase forever.

My point is, and I’m sure I have one, these dogs are no different than people. We’re all built differently but we’re all meant to move. Moving keeps us healthy even though we may not all have the same level of achievement with our workouts.

Just like the dogs, we can all ‘sprint’ even if it’s at our own pace. In fact, we can ‘sprint’ without any running or impact at all. We’d all benefit from the fat burning benefits of sprinting.
Did you know that sprints (or bodyweight exercise alternatives to sprints) not only smoke fat faster than any other exercise, but they also will:

  • Improve your muscular endurance (meaning even BETTER workouts)
  • Burn the MOST calories both during AND after exercise
  • Improve your overall fitness (making everyday activities like carrying groceries and playing with your kids easier)

Let’s try this bodyweight/sprint combination:

Workout # 15 – A Splash of Sprint

Do the following circuit 4 times, resting only when needed:

Yup, you can burn over 1000 calories with these workouts

*Prisoner Split Squat (10/side)
*Pushup/X-Body Mountain Climber Combo (10)
*Sprint (30 yards)
*Powerlock Pushups (with a 3-second lowering phase) (10)
*Bodyweight Sumo Squat (10)
*Sprint (30 yards)

*Indoor option – replace the sprint with any sprint substitution exercise for 10 seconds.

You see, whether our physique resembles Sev’s or Samson’s, we have no excuse not to move and even sprint. Sprinting may just look a little different for each of us, but we can all benefit.

I’ve been incorporating sprinting into my spring workouts and I’m loving the variety and fun. I’ve been using my friend, Mike Whitfield’s Sprint Conditioning.

It’s on sale until midnight tomorrow and well worth a look at.

You’ll see it here where you’ll get 31 sprint hybrid workouts and tons of bonuses.

As for me, I’m back out for a dog walk. Thankfully we have no snow today so the dogs and I are enjoying the outdoors and sunshine.

Check out Sprint Conditioners and move your workout outdoors (or stay inside using the bodyweight options and never run a step).

Good times. Woof!

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