How to Replace Sprints with Bodyweight Exercises

Mike Whitfield, Master CTT

Author: Sprint Conditioners

Without a doubt, it’s the #1 exercise to get you fit faster than any other move. In fact, this one exercise…

–       Improves your conditioning

–       Increases growth hormone (which naturally burns fat)

–       Improves body composition by helping you keep muscle and using fat as a fuel source

–       Burns more calories than any other exercise

It’s Sprints <== No, don’t run (ha-ha… get it?)

Look, you might be thinking you’re too “old” for sprints… or you haven’t done sprints since your high school days so you’re pretty hesitant.

I would be hesitant, too. But the good news is I have a solution for you on how to get back into sprints. And if you’ve never done sprints… you’re in for a treat.

Hey, I’m Mike Whitfield, a friend of your challenge Queen Shawna Kaminski for several years now. If you’ve never seen me before, I’ve dropped 115 pounds:

And I don’t live in the gym (I don’t have time – I’ve got 2 very young kids!).

I’ve been using sprints and finishers for years now, and it’s not only helped me lose over 100 pounds, but it’s helped me keep it off (which is the secret to long term success).


But how do you use sprints if you’re not an athlete?

That’s one of the concerns Shawna brought up to me and I’ve got your answers.

You can use “sprint intensity” but replacing them with bodyweight exercises.

Here’s how to use sprints, even if you’re not a track star 🙂

Now that you know how to replace sprints (but still get the sprinting benefits), you ready to rock a conditioning workout that uses the power of sprints?

Of course you are!

Do the following circuit 4 times, resting as shown:sprint funny

  • Sprint or alternative (20 secs), rest 20 secs
  • Close-Grip Pushups (20 secs)
  • Sprint or alternative (20 secs), rest 20 secs
  • Mountain Climbers (20 secs)
  • Sprint or alternative (20 secs), rest 20 secs

Here’s how to modify it:

a)    Do the circuit twice

b)   Do the sprint (or alternative) for 10 secs instead of 20 secs

Now that’s how you can get 60-minute results in just a fraction of the time.

Boom goes the “Sprints are for everyone after all” dynamite,

Mike Whitfield, Master CTT

PS – Did you know that these short rest periods will increase fat loss for up to 72 hours according to the European Journal of Applied Physiology?

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