#1 Truth About Cardio

Cardio sucks…(oh, that was supposed to be my inside voice).cardio hate 1

But I may as well say it out loud and tell you why…

Steady state cardio – you know the kind where you plod along watching re-runs of ‘The Price is Right’ or other mind numbing sit-com, will simply cause you to become skinny fat.

What’s ‘skinny fat’?

Well, if you’re skinny fat, you’ll look icky, just a smaller version of your former fat self 🙁 You might lose some weight, but you’ll just end up as a smaller, still-with-belly-fat version of yourself.

You see, cardio doesn’t burn fat the way you’ve been fooled into thinking. It actually burns more muscle, especially in a fasted state. And muscle loss is the LAST thing you want your workouts to cause.

The number one priority when attempting to lose fat should be to keep the muscle you have. Losing muscle will make it harder to look good naked and harder to lose fat that makes you look bad.

Cardio will just leave you frustrated and NOT looking any sexier.

That’s just the facts. But there are a few things you can do instead of cardio…

1) Lose the cardio – duh…

2) Do M2A training – this is metabolic training where you’ll alternate resistance training with short anaerobic bursts.

3) Forget machines – Use bodyweight and simple dumb bell and KB moves.

4) Keep your workouts short – Long workouts elevate the belly fat storing hormone cortisol. Short and intense M2A (anaerobic/resistance training) workouts can elevate growth hormone which is associated with fat loss and muscle gain.

5) Have more fun! – You’re more likely to train with intensity when you’re not bored out of your skull…mix up strength and HIIT bursts in the right combination.

Take a look at this Challenge Fat Loss style bodyweight workout:

This workout can be geared for beginner thru advanced:

Set your timing device for:
Advanced – 40 seconds work/10 seconds rest
Intermediate — 30 seconds work/10 seconds rest
Beginner — 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest

Do these exercises:
• Cross body mountain climber
• Prisoner reverse lunge
• Double jump burpee
• Over head 1.5 squat
• Get up
• Sit out or mountain climber
• Plank alternate leg lift

Rest as needed between sets
Do up to 5 rounds

Challenge Fat Loss workouts are a welcome change to shake up your workout. Don’t get skinny fat with cardio…

Do M2A training, forget the machines, keep your workouts short and have MORE fun.

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