Become Superwoman Through an Alkaline Diet

Guest Post by Molly Piercy

It’s a balancing act, husband, kids, job, house, errands, neighbours, friends, family, bills, dinner.  There are actually times during the day that you can be grateful for sitting ALONE, even if its just a minute on the toilet of all places. (You know exactly what I am talking about) As women, we have to be superhuman at times to accomplish everything.  Laying in bed at night, just imagining the next day can be exhausting, but actually doing it with energy, excitement, and gratitude for this extraordinary life can all be yours through one change—your diet.


It has been proven that an alkaline diet can produce more energy, build your immune system, improve your bone health and allow you to actually lose weight on top of all of these other benefits.


Lets take a closer look. The food and sometimes medication we intake determines whether our bodies are in an acidic (bad) or alkaline (good) state.


You may have heard the term alkaline thrown around a few times such as pH testing, or on drink labels.  But you may be unclear of what it means exactly.  Below is what can happen when we are predominantly in an acidic state: (most Americans live in this state all the time and its way worse than living in Texas in the summer without air conditioning)


These can happen in the state of Acidic:

  • Inability to absorb nutrients in your body.
  • Low energy to perform day to day functions
  • Cardiovascular and heart problems
  • Immune problems and deficiency-more likely to get sick.
  • Stressed liver function.
  • Tumor growth is more abundant
  • Yeast fungal/overgrowth (candida)
  • Can cause arthritis, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, and high blood pressure.
  • Your body cannot repair damaged cells
  • Age faster


The most important thing I want you to hear and I’ll shout it from the rooftops to make it clear is:


(Plus day-to-day chemicals and medication can also have an impact)


If you looked over the list of what can happen in an acidic state, most of us can determine we do not want to live there.  So where exactly do we start?


Well that’s easy, we start with our diet. Try to find what in our diet is causing the acidity.   Once we begin eliminating those foods you will find some awesome results occur quickly.

Superwoman Immune System First, an alkaline diet is going to help to keep your immune system in top shape, which will be important as the aging process gets underway.  Just because we are getting older doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice our health.  By keeping an alkaline-based diet we naturally fight aging diseases.


Also, If your immune system is at a weaker level, you might find that you start to fall ill far more easily (think the flu season, and every germ you come in contact with) Its not natural to have a cold every winter, it doesn’t have to be that way. I like to refer to this as the antibiotic nightmare. I have friends who every single year, when flu season hits take an antibiotic. Its part of their routine-the expect to get sick.  They choose Z packs and pill popping over healthy alkaline foods.  Worse than the common cold, you could even be setting yourself up for an increased risk of disease by staying in an acidic state.


Superwoman Weight Loss   Next, eating alkaline foods is going to help best balance your blood sugar levels, helping combat hunger pains by eating foods that are unprocessed.  When you decide to eat this way, you will naturally lose weight.  I always say that weight loss is best side effect of an alkaline diet.  You are improving your health but it always reaps the reward of weight loss. I believe in eating an alkaline diet so much for internal health purposes, but this reason alone sells them on the plan.  It works every time, over and over again.  I have seen hundreds of women follow an alkaline plan and lose lots of weight while maintaining their lean body muscle.


Superwoman Bone Health Another benefit to eating an alkaline diet is it can help to boost bone health as well. Highly acid foods will have a tendency to erode your bones, making you more prone to stress fractures and osteoporosis.  Since these are both big concerns of women approaching their 40s and above, following an alkaline diet can protect you against it.


Superwoman Energy  And here we are, back to the busy days and the low energy many of us experience. It doesn’t have to be this way. I promise you, following an alkaline diet rejuvenates your energy. Once you make the transition you start feeling stronger, excited, powerful—you find superwoman again.


I have so many friends and family, as they age they tend to have to head to the doctor’s office more frequently.  And many times, they say—“Oh Molly, I have to take this pill and it costs so much money, and they want me to take this pill and I can’t eat certain foods with it, and this other pill leaves me feeling so tired, I have no energy to workout. “ I always ask them, what did your doctor say you should be doing differently with your diet?  And the answer 9/10 is “ they never mentioned that.”


If there is all this data and studies out there about how great and how strong we can be in alkaline state and conquer sickness, lose weight, fight disease, improve immunity, why isn’t this your first step to take to feeling amazing and living a long healthy energized life?  It should be. You can be Superwoman!


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Bio:  Molly Piercy is a certified personal trainer and health coach living in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  She has coached hundreds of clients on and offline on the benefits of following an alkaline diet.  She personally transformed her own life through this approach and has recently created a diet program that has helped women all over the nation transition into an alkaline based diet.