Reverse Aging? A Challenge Fat Loss Workout

Reverse aging? Well, that sounds a little over the top, but learning how to “naturally” control GH (growth hormone) is one the smartest things you can do to reverse aging and keep your body burning fat as you get older.

There are specific things you an do within your workout to increase GH which naturally declines as we age.

When GH increases, here’s the good things that result:

– Increase in muscle tone

– Increased lipolysis (fat-burning)aging funny

– Increased protein synthesis (i.e. absorption and utilization)

– Efficient gluconeogenesis in the liver, this means that you’ll have enhance your body’s ability to use glucose
(sugar) as fuel

-increased insulin sensitivity

– Stronger bones by increasing calcium retention

– Strengthened  immune system

Sounds like some pretty positive stuff, right? Sign me up!

So how do you increase GH in your body?

Well, one way is to train anaerobically. This will release large amounts of lactic acid and lactic acid is the precursor to GH.

Have you experienced that burning sensation you feel in your muscles when you move toward the end of an intense exercise set or circuit? Bingo. That’s lactic acid and that means that you’re on the way to stimulating more growth hormone to aid in your fat loss.

Challenge Fat Loss workouts utilize this principle, I call it M2A, or ‘muscle metabolism acceleration’. You’ll use the power of hormone manipulation to work WITH your body to lose fat and gain lean sexy muscle all at once in short but intense workouts.

Here’s a bodyweight Challenge Fat Loss  workout that’s perfect for beginner through advanced people.

Set your timing device for:

  • Advanced –  40 seconds work/10 seconds rest
  • Intermediate – 30 seconds work/10 seconds rest
  • Beginner – 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest

Do these exercises, do up to 5 rounds:

Cross body mountain climber

cross leg mtn clmbr





  • -High plank position, cross the leg under the body to opposite elbow

Prisoner reverse lunge

pris rev lunge abc





  • -Hands on the head and squeeze elbows back
  • -Step back with one foot, drop knee to the floor
  • -Maintain 90 degree angle at the ankle, knee and hip
  • -Return to standing by stepping up on front heel
  • -Repeat on the other side

Double jump burpee

burpee double jump






  • -Standing position
  • -Drop hands to the floor, shoot legs back into a high plank
  • -Squat thrust legs back towards hands and jump, repeat jump

Over head 1.5 squat

OH 1.5 sq abc





  • -Standing position with arms overhead, elbows straight, hands over shoulders
  • -Squat hips back to 90 degrees or more
  • -Come up halfway, go back into full squat position
  • -Stand up, repeat


Get up

get up abc




  • -Start in high plank position
  • -Drop to low plank position
  • -Alternate the arm that ‘gets up’ first

Sit out or mountain climber

sit out description









  • -Start in a plank like position with knees close to the elbows
  • -Rotate hips and shoot extended leg to the side, dropping the hip to the floor
  • -Optional: lift arm
  • -Bring the leg back to start postion
  • -Repeat opposite side


Plank alternate leg lift

plank alt leg lift


  • -Plank position
  • -Lift one leg at a time slowly alternating

Rest as needed between sets





If you enjoyed this workout, you’ll love the 16 follow along videos in my Challenge Fat Loss program. You’ll have my team and me coaching you through the entire workout, challenging and pushing you into that anaerobic zone so that you’ll produce maximum GH which will result in maximum fat burning and sexy muscle toning results.

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