One set of DB’s? Pushing Workout

Here’s a fun workout for you….
What do you do when you have only one set of LIGHT dumb bells but you want a ‘heavy’ workout? The answer is to ‘pre-fatigue’ your body with an exercise that hits the desired muscle LONG before you get to the loaded movement. For example, if you wanted to hit your chest/shoulders/triceps but only had one set of dumb bells, here’s a good one:

Do 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 reps. Rest as little as possible.db's

  • Push ups
  • DB chest flies
  • DB chest press
  • DB very narrow chest press

Take a look at the video demo:

This type of workout will really blast all your pushing muscles. It’s the kind of workout that you want to do when you want to TARGET your chest, shoulders and triceps if these are lagging muscle groups or areas of strength you need.

In fact, this is such a short workout, that it’s perfect to do after a Challenge Fat Loss, Challenge Burpee or Challenge Jump Rope workout that exhausts your entire body.