Stop That! (Do This Instead)

Yesterday was Easter and whether you celebrate this holiday or not, there’s a meaningful message of new beginnings associated with it.

With that in mind, I want to call you out on a few things you NEED TO STOP and encourage you on a few other things you NEED TO START.

Fair enough?

So with every suggestion on what to STOP, I’ll give a doable suggestion on what to START.

Let’s get going…

 #1 STOP BUYING SH#T (and saying it’s for the ‘kids’) workouts to get lean

You know what I’m talking about. I see you in the grocery store with your cart full of boxed and processed food saying to me: ‘it’s for the kids lunches’.


If you know that if this crap isn’t good for you, you know your kids shouldn’t eat it either. And chances are, if it’s in the house, it will fall down your throat too.


Shop on the outside of the store where all the food with expiry dates are found. Shop often. Yes, I know it’s a bit of a hassle, but make sure your fridge is full of fresh food so the likelihood of eating it over boxed and processed food is greater. Take a little more time with meal planning on the weekend so that you’re you’re prepared during the week with healthy meals for you and your family.

It may sound like a lot to ask, but for anyone who’s ever paid attention to eating and weight loss, performance, overall energy levels and even sleep quality you know it’s worthwhile.

As far as the kids go, they may protest at first when they don’t get Fruit Loops or whatever they’re asking for, but they’ll get hungry eventually. They can have ‘treats’ too, but it’s not a bad lesson for kids to learn what to eat so they feel energized and can think straight. I wasn’t a food Nazi with my children, but I did focus on why we eat the way we do. It’s not about weight loss for kids, it’s about growing up healthy.

This is the BEST resource I can recommend for all things food related. I highly recommend even just reading Nick’s article on this page since the trick you’ll learn about reading food labels is well worth it.

  #2 STOP SAYING YOU ‘HAVE NO TIME’ clock smashed 2

Sorry, I don’t buy this one. Yes, we live in a time strapped world, everything is going at mach speed, but would you honestly say you don’t have time to shower and brush your teeth? Your workout can take less time than this and it’s just as necessary.

#2 START SHORT INTENSE WORKOUTS (if you already haven’t)

Gone are the days of marathon workouts. Effective fat loss muscle toning workouts can take under 30 minutes (less time than one TV sitcom).

Here’s a sample:

Use as heavy a DB as possible for the weighted movements, ensuring that you have good form.

5 rounds of 40 seconds work with a 8 second transition
-Burpee pull ups (OR do a set of burpees followed by a set of band assisted pull ups or other pull up alternative)
-Renegade rows (with push up optional)
-Front DB 1.5 squat
-Alternate single leg RDL recovery

There’s no excuse to NOT exercise when you can do short full body workouts (and even have me coach you the entire time). Find out how here. You’ll find 16 follow along videos that you can get DONE in no time at all in your living room with a minimal amount of space and equipment.

Time should never be an issue where your training is concerned. Write it in your day-timer in ink, get it done at home and get on with your day.


ch diet judy hillMe too! Yes, if I look at my chronological age, I could convince myself that it’s time to go sit on the couch. But that’s not a healthy option. Age is just NOT an excuse for inactivity.

Take a look at my client Judy ==========>

She turned 51 this year. Wow, I doubt she’s chosen to go sit on the couch.

#3 START TO MOVE (but take it slow if you haven’t moved since grade school)

Not everyone is an elite athlete.

It’s okay.

The whole concept of ‘challenge workouts’ is to challenge YOURSELF where EVER you’re at. If you can’t do a push up from your toes, your challenge is to get there. Can’t do one pull up? Start with a body hang, then band pull up, assisted pull up, etc. Can’t do a burpee? Do a full body extension, then a burpee walk out , then a full on burpee, then add a push up and a double jump.

See what I mean? Start slowly. But just START! procrastinateDon’t put off exercising if you don’t know where to begin.


This is a progressive plan that will get you moving and challenge you at YOUR level. There are 4 in this plan and from there you can move onto anything.

The key is not to put off your fitness any longer if you’ve been procrastinating OR if you’ve sustained an injury and don’t know how to get back into things, OR even if you’re not getting results doing what you’re doing. A change is as good as a rest.


I’ve heard a few people tell me that they’re sugar junkies and so frustrated with their weight loss endeavors that they just feel like giving up. I understand the frustration, I’ve felt it myself. It’s especially difficult as we age, but trust me, it’s possible.

Take a look at my friend Catherine =====>sugar freedom catherine gordan

She’s turning 50 this year and FINALLY got on top of her weight loss. She was a sugar addict and found it everywhere because the food industry wants it hidden from you.

Here’s a short list of just a few of the places where you’ll find added sugar lurking:

  • Sugar sweetened beverages
  • Grain based desserts
  • Dairy desserts
  • Granola bars
  • Ready to eat cereals
  • Breads, rolls, and muffins
  • Fruit flavored yogurts
  • Coffee creamer
  • Spaghetti sauce

The list goes on and on.  Sugar is a tough habit to break.

#5 SAY ‘YES’ TO A NO-SUGAR DIET 😉 (Tricky how I did that eh?)

Catherine said NO to sugar and YES to a ton of other healthy choices and it really only took her 3 days to stop the need for her sugar ‘fix’. She’s maintained her weight for over 6 years now and feels empowered, energetic and better than ever.

If you’re frustrated with your weight loss and know that sugar is a big issue. Take a look at Catherine’s solution and see all the other people that have said ‘no’ to sugar and ‘yes’ to their skinny jeans (or whatever they’re trying to fit into).

Studies show that it’s difficult to STOP a habit cold turkey, but by REPLACING or STARTING something else, you’ll have more success in meeting your fitness and fat loss goals.

You’ll feel better all around.

Let’s use the message of Easter (at any time of year) and to start a NEW BEGINNING to a healthier you.