What Can I Substitute For…Part 3

First up, the push up is the ‘be all end all’ of body weight chest exercises. If you only did push ups, you’d have lots of variety to chose from. Just look at some of the variations I have for you: (click on each word to view the video demo)

Incline push up

Decline push up  bench press wrong

Suspended push up on hands

Suspended push up (standing)

Atomic push up

Close push up 

T push up

Inchworm push up  push ups love

Modified push up

Spidercrawl push up

Clap push up

Plyo push up

Walking plank push up

Mountain climber push up

Here are a few more videos for you:

Here are some other ‘pushing’ exercises that will work the chest, shoulders and triceps:

DB chest press

Floor chest press

Incline DB chest fly

Chest press with tube

Get up

Bodybridge circle

Here’s a totally different SINGLE arm chest blitz:

One Arm Bandit Chest Blitz

  • Single arm incline press push up baby
  • Single arm lateral raise
  • Single arm push press
  • Single arm push up
  • Do 5 reps
  • Repeat other side
  • 1 min jump rope

Do 3-5 sets

Here are some great workouts for you that incorporate some of these exercises here, here and here  .