How to Avoid the Monday Morning Blahs

Monday morning….how do you feel?

How did the weekend go nutritionally? Often times, the weekend is the toughest time to stay the course on your nutrition plan.

I had a fantastic weekend of recharging and now I’m excited to dive into what I loosely call ‘work’. You know you’re doing the right thing when you can’t wait for Monday morning to come 😉

It was my girlfriend, Cat’s birthday so she and I spend a night in Canmore, AB. This is a small mountain town about an hour west of Calgary. It’s scenic and peaceful, only a short drive away, but really a million miles from the stress of every day in the city.

canmore dinnerWe found an amazing restaurant where we shared a Thai chicken dish and a Red curry seafood dish (chicks can get away with doing this sort of thing ;). Then we just hung out and relaxed.

We got up quite early and made breakfast and then buzzed back into town. It was such a short but restful getaway with good food and good company.

The bonus part of the whole weekend was that we were able to enjoy good food without feeling like we blew our nutrition plan. There are a couple nutrition lessons here that I want to share:

First, Cat is very nutrition conscious.  You’re more likely to be successful on YOUR nutrition plan if you hang out with others that have similar goals and lifestyles. If you hang out with others that aren’t health conscious, it really makes it tough on you. Surround yourself with people that support your nutrition goals. 

Second, we really focused on the good company of each other rather than on the food during our getaway. After dinner our gorgeous server presented the dessert menu. Everything looked spectacular, but we decided against even sharing one. We were both satisfied with our meal and knew that we’d be uncomfortably full if we ate more. It’s important to stop eating before you’re full since your belly takes some time to single to your brain that it’s full.

Third, restaurant food is delicious, but it’s really hard to control what you’re eating when you dine out. That’s why we decided to make our own brunch. We made it an event of cooking together since we had the time. We were prepared by bringing supplies from home. We all know that failing to plan ahead is really planning to fail. We knew that our ‘treat’ meal would be dinner so we wanted a healthier brunch. It was easy to pack these items for a spectacular brunch:

  • eggs Sprouted Grain French Toas
  • coconut oil
  • sprouted grain bread
  • strawberries and blackberries
  • Greek yogurt
  • dash of Truvia (stevia)

We were in a condo like hotel, so we had fun whipping up French toast and felt like we had a feast.

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If this Monday you’re feeling sort of blah, you can change next Monday and every Monday there after by learning strategies to avoid sabotaging your nutrition.

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