The Best Fat Loss Equipment EVER

Guest Post – From my favorite pancake lovin’ superstar 2014-03-09 10.33.19

Mike Whitfield, Master CTT

You’ve been wired… or actually, brainwashed.

And you know what? I was, too.

Let me ask you something… what’s the first thing you think of when I say the word “cardio”?

You’re probably thinking of a treadmill or bike (or perhaps even running), right?

Now I know there are a lot of other fitness experts that have bashed cardio in the past (including myself… and hey, Shawna, too!).

But dare I say, I want you to consider bringing cardio back into your life. Here’s a pic of Shawna and I saying… “Wait a minute”…

I’m talking about a whole new cardio… and no, NOT interval training, either.

Look, interval training is OK, but what muscles are being worked? It doesn’t matter if it’s a bike, treadmill or running, the only muscles that are being worked are your legs.

That means your pushing and pulling muscles as well as your abs are not being used.  You already know that the more muscle you use, the more calories you burn.

But rep after rep, you keep pounding your knees.

Let’s fix that today.

You won’t need a single piece of equipment and we’ll cut your typical interval session by around 70%, too…

… as in 9 minutes or less.

Sound good?

Alright, spring is just around the corner, so you need advanced results fast, but you don’t have time to learn a whole new workout program either…

… nor do you want to spend a long time in a sweaty, stinky gym.

You’ll discover you how to put “Awesome Sauce” on any of Shawna’s Challenge Workouts so you’ll get those advanced results.

We’re going to use this old school cardio with new school science by plugging in a new Bodyweight Finisher at the end of your workout.

And if you are ever tight on time, don’t let that be an excuse. You can use these for “emergency” workouts.

Let’s rock this. This is a challenge finisher from the NEW Bodyweight Finishers 2.0 manual (there’s a whole section dedicated to challenges – good times!). However, I tweaked this to be extra special 😉

“Quarter of Madness” Bodyweight Finisher

Do the following as shown:

  • Burpee/Sprint Combo (5), rest 10 seconds – Do this 5 times (25 reps total)
  • Plank to Triceps Extension (as many reps as you can until failure)

Each time you do this finisher, try to improve the number of reps you complete with the Plank to Tricep Extension.

Now just like I’ve done with the entire program, I’ll give you some modifications.

You can sub out the Burpee Sprint Combo for 5 Bodyweight Squats and 5 Pushups (you’ll count that as one set).

For the Plank to Tricep Extensions, you can sub a regular plank (and hold it as long as you can until failure).

“But Mikey, what the heck is a Plank to Tricep Extension”?

It’s just one of 75 crazy bodyweight exercises used in the NEW Bodyweight Finishers 2.0.

And for the Burpee/Sprint Combo, you’ll replace the jump at the end with running in place (4 strides on each side – and bring those knees up!)

Now your heart will beat just like it would as if you’re doing interval training, however, you’re using WAY more muscle.  That means your body has to work harder to return to a normal state.

In English, that means you burn more calories than traditional interval training.

And hey, you’ll also save your knees from overuse injuries, while also reverse the aging process.

Check out this cool research…

A study from the Buck Institute for Age Research showed that these short, intense bursts of bodyweight finishers can take off  up to 45 years of aging while at the same time improve your overall fitness.

And you can do this with ZERO equipment.

Your own body is actually the best fat loss equipment EVER…

Get ready for ‘perpetual’ spring,

Mike Whitfield, Master CTT

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