Challenge Diet Q n A

It’s been an exciting few days here in sunny Southern California. I’m here for the annual Fitness Business Summit. Over 550 fitness professionals gather to learn how we can improve the health and wellness of our clients.

I’ve been pretty busy….I’m coordinating and running two boot camp sessions daily – not digging that we switched to Daylight Savings time and my 5:30 am wake up was really a 4:30 am one :/

craig me on stage 2014 1I shared the stage with Craig Ballantyne, Rick Kaselj and Mike Whitfield yesterday. Craig shared his five biggest mistakes and then he had the three of us share some tips on how we help our clients online. What a pleasure and honor to share the stage with these dudes.

You’ll see a picture with me and a big star and keynote speaker at the event (read to the bottom). I had the good fortune to work with this dude for a week on a special project last summer that I hope to be able to share with you soon.

And of course, the 21 Day Challenge Diet community is ON FIRE!

I’ve had a ton of questions and didn’t want to wait until next Friday when I usually do the Q n A. So here it is for you, a little early.

If you haven’t jumped on board, you’ll regret the fact that hundreds of people will be 15 pounds lighter in only 21 days and you’ll be just the same. If that thought bothers you, then make sure to check out the program here.

Onto the Q n A….

Challenge workoutsQuestion: I’ve worked hard to lose 75lbs but slowly gained about 30lbs back. Now I’m struggling to lose it again despite eating pretty clean and training pretty hard. What I’m wondering is this program for someone like me or is it geared towards people who really eat poorly and don’t work out?

Answer: I had several people in the beta group that already ate very well and they still lost weight and inches. I found this especially good since some were working on the ‘last 10 lbs’ and they saw results. The ‘last 10’ are often the hardest pounds to lose.


Question: I’m a vegetarian, is the 21 Day Challenge Diet suitable for me?

Answer: This plan is probably not for you unless you’re a master at substituting items for meat 😉  Sorry, I’ll consider working on a vegetarian plan in the future.


Question: Hi can you please tell me if your 21 day challenge diet contains many recipes that contain wheat, gluten, corn, dairy, eggs, casein or whey.   I am celiac and lactose intolerant with food sensitivities. Thanks.

Answer: This  is a paleo style diet so the recipes are free of wheat, gluten, corn,  and most dairy. There are eggs on the plan. I suggest a protein supplement, but you can use a non-whey one.


Question: Will this really work for me?????  I have tried everything and am now desperate as I will be leaving in a month for a two week holiday – sun, beach etc., and I’m still at the same place I was at the beginning of the year.  I now weigh approx 4-5 kilos more than a couple of years ago and just can’t seem to get rid of the flab!!!  I have tried just about everything, carb depletion, carb rotation, fasting, working out twice a day like a maniac, split routines x5 a week, total body workouts etc., etc.  I have your complexes, but must admit have not used them yet.  I’m just so frustrated, confused and going nowhere. So my question is:-  How is this different?  How do I know it will work?

Answer: My plan works when you apply it and fully commit to it. My challenge complex plan works too, but you have to use it 😉 main product bundle

You can see that ‘real people’ just like you used my plan and it worked for them.The secret is the social support, when you’re accountable to me and the group, you’ll get results. BUT only if you use the plan.

Quite honestly, lots of diets ‘work’ but only when you fully commit to them. The problem is you ‘go off’ the diet and then you’re back where you started.

The big difference with this is that it teaches solid nutrition skills and helps you change your lifestyle. It’s not ‘easy’ so to speak, you have to work at it. But you’ll get support and it’s actually easier than you think once you put your mind to it.

I hope that helps. I’m not selling a magic pill. You can make a big dent in your weight by holiday time if you COMMIT to this today. Let the community help you, there are so many good people in the group but you need to reach out.


Question: At 5’7″ tall and 125 lbs I’m looking to lose body fat but not lbs. would this work for me? Secondly, is this Intermittent Fasting? I did that before and hated it so I don’t want to do it again!

Answer: No, this judyis NOT an intermittent fasting plan. I’d like you to eat 4-6 times a day on this plan. I have several beta testers that had virtually no weight to lose but they wanted to get leaner. Take a look at Judy who is 51 years old.  This is really a plan that you can use for life to improve your physique and performance.

You can be the judge as to whether this is a plan that will help you get lean 😉




Question: I am considering your challenge diet for my wife who is 68. She does not eat red meat. Is there the option of protein substitutes for that? It could be fish, eggs, chicken, vegetable proteins etc. As well, for the recommended workouts will she need machines, dumbells, etc..?

Answer: You can always substitute other protein options for beef so I know you’ll be fine there. There are 6 workouts that are bodyweight and 12 that would require a set of dumb bells at most. They are designed to be used at home in a small space.


Question: I was very tempted to grab the exercise videos, but I have issues with my knees.  I couldn’t see anywhere to ask if there are leveled modifications in the videos, but to me “burpee” means a lot of ups and downs which I can’t do very well right now.  Could you tell me please if there are modification included, and if not, if it will be possible to purchase the videos if my knees start to get better?

Answer: Thank you for grabbing the 21 Day Challenge Diet. The videos will help you with the workouts that are in the main program. The benefit is that they help you modify exercises like burpees.You can always do a full body extension for the burpee portion of all burpees until your knee improves. You can purchase and take a look, if they aren’t suitable we can refund you. Or you can save this link and purchase later.

All the best to you and your knee recovery, your nutrition is all the more important when you’re somewhat sidelined with injury.


randy couture and me Here’s a sweet man, hard to believe that this dude punched people for a living. Yes, this is the one and only MMA Champ and now movie star Randy Couture.

He was the keynote speaker at the event I attended. I was embarrassed that I had slipped out of the audience for the last 5 minutes of the Q n A of his talk when he called me out. We got to work together on a special project for a week in August and he asked where I was. Oops….

Grab the 21 Day Challenge Diet here and be a bigger loser like all the others that are on target to lose 15 pounds in three weeks.