Real People ==> Real Results

If you want to look and feel your best and more importantly, find a way to eat that will sustain your weight loss practically effortlessly, then listen up. The 21 Day Challenge Diet is different. It’s the ‘non-diet’ diet.

Sure, you’ll have to change your eating and learn new skills, but that’s just in the beginning. Once you establish these healthy habits during the 21 day period, you’ll find that things get remarkably easier. Take a look at what this beta tester had to say about her ‘treat meal’:

ch diet fb 16 long term changes

Another difference with the 21 Day Challenge Diet is that real people work TOGETHER to reach their goals. So far, every person that’s used the program  has mentioned that the social support through the private group has been an invaluable tool in helping them stick to the plan.

Take a look at just a few examples:


Kristy, age 37 kristy b before after

Why I wanted to try Challenge Diet: I lack motivation and needed something to push and support me to carry through with eating healthy and exercising regularly.

What diet plans I’ve tried before:  Bernstein Diet

How I felt on the diet: I felt great.  Once I stopped eating sugar and filling myself up with healthy proteins and vegetables I felt amazing!  I woke up feeling light and never experienced brain fog that I normally do.  I had way more energy!  I never felt deprived because I was actually eating more than I normally eat, I was just eating healthier foods!

The BEST part of the plan: It was easy to follow and was full of foods I loved!  Having a treat meal once a week helped me stay focused and on plan the rest of the week.  It was nice to know that I could still go to a function or a dinner out and still stay on plan.  I would just save my treat meal for the night of a function.  There was no guilt in doing so.  Normally, I would be on healthy eating kick and then let one of these nights of bad eating turn into weeks of bad eating.  On the 21 Day Challenge Diet, I would have my treat meal and then get right back into healthy eating as soon as it was done.  Having the Facebook group for support was great too.

Is this plan something that you can continue long term and why?  I would love to continue this long term!

My results9.5 pounds.  My belly got flatter and I noticed the most inches lost in my chest and hips and abdomen. My endurance was better, I was happier, I felt lighter.

I would definitely recommend this program to people!


Alia, Age 30

alia before afterWhat diet plans I’ve tried before: I’ve tried Weight watchers and different diet plans that I didn’t last long on. I didn’t know how to eat healthier, I was always just watching calories without knowing whether or not they were good calories or not.

How I felt on the diet: I felt really good, no bloating or cramping, no feeling sick after I ate and I had no extreme tiredness.

The BEST part of the plan: The support of Shawna and the group was the best part of the plan. NO slip-ups were judged and you just started back up if you fell down.

Is this plan something that you can continue long term and why? This is not a diet or fad it’s a lifestyle change that I will continue long term. It’s a doable change.

My results:

Measurement Day 1 Day 42 Loss
Chest 39 in 34.5 in 4.5 in
Arm left 12.5 in 11.5 in 1.0 in
Arm right 12.5 in 11.5 in 1.0 in
Waist 34 in 29.5 in 4.5 in
Abdomen 38.5 in 33.0 in 5.5 in
Hips 43.5 in 41.5 in 2.0 in
Thigh left 24.5 in 21.5 in 3.0 in
Thigh right 25.5 in 22.0 in 3.5 in
Weight 180 lb 164.2 lb 15.8 lb
Total inches LOST 25 inches

Why would you recommend this? It becomes a lifestyle change, it’s not a diet! Shawna and the group have been an amazing support system! Thank you so much for everything!


Need more proof? Check out all the case studies on this guide

If you’re ready to make a change for the better, one that’s not as hard or ‘challenging’ as you’d think. Jump on board the 21 Day Challenge Diet. We’re waiting on our private page to help you meet your goals.